Justice 4 Deafblind Guidedog Owner Molly Watt - age 17

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2011-11-18 14:06

Obviously the school has got things the wrong way round, the girl who is allergic to dogs should be seperated from the mainstream of the school until their parents provide a medical certificate to prove she is allergic to dogs, and surely this means that the school also ensures that the pupil classmates are are free from dog hair etc on their uniforms etc



2011-11-18 17:23

I think this could be better if you were more specific about what you actually want to happen as a result of this petition and how the petition will help to achieve that.

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2011-11-18 20:48


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2011-11-18 20:53

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The compromise Molly would be happy to make is that if the dining room cannot be shared, that she could have full use of the dining hall with her friends on Monday's and Tuesday's and that the allergy boy can use it Wednesday to friday. One must assume the school dining hall is cleaned every day and therefore how could such a compromise not be fair? Bearing in mind the corridors are not steam cleaned after each time Molly and Unis use them!! The other thing we must not forget is the "allergy boy's" medial evidence is not up to date but according to the school website he has medication!!



2011-11-19 13:35

The inconsideration MH has shown for Molly's well bring is disgraceful. Not only this, but to have such stress while studying for exams could ruin so much. I think if this isn't resolved soon it is time to go to the national media.


2011-11-19 17:36

that school is sick! just because of someone claimed to have an allergy! they need to sort it out!


#82 Medical Details

2011-11-19 23:33

The school have now had two doctors letters about Molly's ill health, as a direct result of the schools actions. Seems her health issues, even though documented and up to date of not important enough!? Why is that ??



2011-11-20 21:37

I argee with her rights so she should have her guide dog help her



2011-11-21 11:40

Allow Molly her right to an Education.



2011-11-21 23:27

something is going to hit the fan very soon .x



2011-11-22 10:15

wish all the best for Molly



2011-11-22 18:57

This is outrageous! Surely, adjustments can be made so that the girl with the allergy doesn't have to come into contact with the dog or too close to the dog? Besides, from what I've read, it doesn't appear to be a severe allergy to dogs, so her slight discomfort would be nothing compared to the ordeal the young deafblind girl is going through, potentially destroying her future. I'm so fed up of this paranoia about allergies. People with allergies have to take precautions and responsibility, but it should not be to the detriment of everyone else, nor deprive a disable person from a vital element in their life, in this instance, a guide dog.



2011-11-24 10:08

worthy? if you dont think so then what happened to your heart?
Proud ex MHGS


2011-11-27 01:32

I think the school has been great allowing her to have the dog in the first place, however it is such a shame that all this boohoo will mean no pupil now or in the future will have a dog as this upset probably have turned the school against having guide dogs. The school has tried hard to listen to both sides, I think all this is a sickening campaign against the school who for many years have done a great education for many kids. Even if you get 1000 signs, I don't think the school should have Molly back as the campaign has done damage to the school.



2011-11-27 05:42

Justice for you Beautiful Molly.

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2011-11-27 10:22


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2011-11-27 10:39

#89: Proud ex MHGS -  


I think you should thank your lucky stars your child isn't blind then !! Clearly you don't understand what blindness means, let alone deafblindness - the school have a duty of care to both pupils....
Steve L.

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2011-11-27 18:02

#89: Proud ex MHGS -

I'm ex MHGS and not too shy to show my name. you are sadly mistaken, Unis is a working dog, not Molly's toy, how would you manage without hearing aids? No damage has been done to the school, maybe a certain individual's reputation. If Molly has any sense she won't go back as it is obvious she won't receive the help she needs. You are entitled to your opinion, shame it's mistaken.


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2011-11-27 18:04

#89: Proud ex MHGS -  

 you're not right in your head.  How has this boohoo done any "damage" to a school that doesn't operate under that law? This school has been hiding under narrow minded head who has more to learn that his pupils.

This "boohoo" will show the school for what it is and hopefully, with the support Molly will finish her education and continue being a beacon of inspiration to other young people


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2011-11-27 18:08

#89: Proud ex MHGS -  

 How dare you! What has this girl done that you feel you have the right to comment on, does she not deserve to be treated like a human being, does she not deserve the right to an education? Why are the parents of the child with allergies, which is the reason for this so called "boohoo" not providing the medical evidence that has been requested, answer that then please and if you feel you can then stand proud in your convictions and print your name and stop being such a coward to hide behind anonimity.

In response to not having a guide dog ever again, let them try it, there are legal processes which if enforced would mean they have to follow due process and bear the consequence

Loud and proud and not afraid to say it

Beth Gibson

Allergy sufferer and ex-teacher!


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2011-11-27 18:13



2011-11-27 18:14

If a pupil does in future have a dog it would be illegal to refuse them full access!!!!!!!!!


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2011-11-27 18:16

#89: Proud ex MHGS -

You think the school has been great in allowing her a guide dog?? Excuse me, its not a fluffy little lap dog that she uses as a fashion accessory!

I assume then that the school are 'Great' in allowing pupils both PAST and present to use Hearing aids!!!!!

Whilst I apprecaite that you are hearing impaired, believe me that is nothing compared to being Deafblind! PLease feel free to try getting from A to B with a blindfold on!

The school has a duty of care to ALL pupils, but in this particular case, it has been heavily weighted in the favour of the child with a dog allergy!


#99 Re: proud ex MHGS

2011-11-27 18:21

#89: Proud ex MHGS -

What sort of moron are you ?  A cowardly one obviously - IT IS BREAKING THE LAW to not allow a GDO full access!!!!! Would they also refuse to employ a teacher with a GD.............Anna Temple Just about to sign petition as there seems to be a lot of ignorance and MOLLY deserves all of the rights of a GDO




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2011-11-27 18:54

#89: Proud ex MHGS -

Molly never damaged the schools reputation, the school itself did that the day they had a go at molly for standing up for her rights as a human being. I actually think you had a wasted education, if you was educated at all before putting your comment on the petition, you would of checked out the discrimination act which clearly outlines that no school can discriminate against a child with disability, or the use of anything needed to help with mobility around the school, and that the school has to accomodate these needs.

So i believe in the future mary hare school might think twice about not letting a guide dog owners in, to think that disabled people suffer enough discrimination from people who don't or can't understand what their disability is, without having to suffer it at the hands of the people that are meant to support them through the most difficult times in their lives.

It's people like you who think that this school has done right by both parties in this, that will allow this sort of discrimination to carry on, i really do hope that you or any one you know will never suffer at the hands of discrimination, if you do please remember this remark that you left on the petition, that might stop you getting your soap box out and yelling about your rights as a disabled person.

I support Molly and her family all the way, Molly's mum has always been there for me in my darkest hour, when coming to terms with my own son being deafblind, this family hold the light for deafblind people that have been left out in the dark for far to long.