Justice 4 Deafblind Guidedog Owner Molly Watt - age 17

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2011-11-08 19:10

I sincerely hope that this petition will right the wrong for Molly.



2011-11-10 09:36

Has treatment for the "allergic" classmate been considered?
Do any Members of Parliament have any problem with David Blunkett's Guide Dog?



2011-11-10 20:21

disgusting behaviour for a school



2011-11-10 22:30

I think this is disgraceful! Molly is doing a pritty important year without all this!

Why don't we tell everyone that they can't have their eyes for a day because someone might be alergic. I know that is an exageration, but Mollys guide dog is her eyes!



2011-11-11 04:29

The school wanted to seek out Unis and Molly to show them off to new parents, as the school's first GD but then want to shove Molly and Unis into a small side room during lunchtime or shut Unis in an office the rest of the time
Justice for Molly and Unis!



2011-11-11 14:37

Lets get justice



2011-11-11 19:33

Molly is denied the dining room with her guidededog for a total of almost 8 hours a week, that is over a 5th of her school week and not 1 hour and 15 minutes !! Let's all be clear and accurate with this matter....



2011-11-11 23:25

I just signed this because of someone on facebook's horrendous attitude towards Molly. Way to go, facebook person!

#59 Re: 'it's utterly shocking,..

2011-11-11 23:47

#19: hazla -

its not a deafblind school. its just named as mary hare school for the deaf


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2011-11-12 09:46

#59: reminisce - Re: 'it's utterly shocking,.. 


. This is correct, however, if they agree to take anybody with a statement of needs, they agree they can educate them - the school were fully aware of Molly's needs when she arrived there. There was no problem with the teaching are attitudes of the teachers, they were all very good. It was only when Molly got her guidedog that things were made unpleasant for her. May I also add there are lots of deaf kids with other issues at the school who's needs are completely catered for.



2011-11-12 21:22

Good Luck hope you are successful



2011-11-12 21:23

Keep fighting its the only way to get justice
a mary hare parent


2011-11-14 15:06

I am very concerned about this campaign against Mary Hare; there seems to be a campaign to belittle the needs of the other pupil who has an medical condition, and generally to tarnish the school's reputation. I am also concerned that the MaryHarehistory.org website has been dessimated and used in for such puposes by a seemingly unaccountable webmaster. I feel desparately for Molly however i believe the focus should be ensuring her case is taken through all the proper channels for resolution, involving the relevant authorities and voluntary organisations. Otherwise this campaign is unfair and vindictive and is on the verge of resembling 'troll-like' behaviour.


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2011-11-14 20:36

#63: a mary hare parent -  


Ghe other pupil has been considered far more than you are aware. The other pupil does not suffer any isolation as a result of his condition, that has been piled onto Molly. Molly has a guidedog as her only way to keep safe Nd this is desired because of another pupil who has been within reach of Unis in corridors at school, he has been in the presence of teachers pets at school, he enters through all the doors and corridors that Molly and Unis do. All that Molly requested was that she may eat in Blount Hall with her friends, in one corner and the other pupil in another. It quite simply makes no sense that the other pupil can be in small spaces with the guidedog but not in a large hall !! May I also add, Molly would be at school 5 days a week, that would be 5 hours of lunch, plus 2 hours supper, plus 40 mins for two breakfasts - over 8 hours per week she was expected to sit alone !!! Is that really fair and proportionate? Being deafblind is the most isolating of all conditions and to then be placed in further isolation through no fault of her own !! Molly has as a result of the schools actions missed out on vital AS studies - is that fair? Nobody knows how Molly feels except Molly & the Alumni have given their backing.
Steve L

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2011-11-14 20:50

#63: a mary hare parent -

Molly and her mum are not asking for special treatment, just fairness. It seems the school are using outdated medical records for this boy, all Molly would like and not demand, is a chance to sit with her friends, she didn't ask for her distressing condition. As far as I know, the school ethos recommends inedpendence for ALL students and Molly has hers with Unis, she doesn't take up any staff member's time. To be fair, I don't know the full story but this boy and his parents seem strangely reluctant to put across their own views on this situation.



2011-11-14 21:23

Further more, it is not a campaign against MHS, as I have said before the teaching is excellent. It is the unfair action against Molly that is the issue. I wish I could medicate Molly so that she isn't blind, sadly i do not have that option - blind means blind for Molly :(



2011-11-15 10:41

A worthy cause!



2011-11-15 14:07

This is not the kind of school I would like to associate with as an alumnus. Hearing of this episode makes me feel ashamed of my old school. I believe that the deafblind should not be separated from their guide dog at school or work, and simply put a better compromise should be made to keep the dog allergy boy away from the guide dog. I am thinking that the school is "leaned upon" to overwehelmingly favour the dog allergy boy more than the deafblind girl.


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2011-11-15 17:42

#68: -  


This has been said over and over, the question is, why?
a mary hare parent

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2011-11-17 12:32

#65: Steve L - Re:  

 ' To be fair, I don't know the full story but this boy and his parents seem strangely reluctant to put across their own views on this situation'    

That statement by Steve L just about sums up the level of debate on this forum and is precisely why this campaign against the school is unfair and vindictive.

Just because the other pupil and his parents have decided to keep the details of his medical condition private to themselves and the appropriate authorities, as is their right,  and not broadcast it across the internet and so forth,  other people seem to feel they have carte blanch to make up stories and assumptions and arrive at conclusions about the pupil, with the most minimal of information!

 All Mary Hare pupils are deaf and range of them have other conditions, including being blind, as reflected in my own child's year group. They all face barriers and discrimination in wider society . It is simply wrong that the school and its community is being targeted in this way, when the focus should be on securing a proper negotiated resolution with the support of all relevant authorities and voluntary organisations.


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2011-11-17 18:51

#70: a mary hare parent - Re: Re: 65

The boys medical details are all over the MHS website actually !!



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2011-11-17 19:01

#70: a mary hare parent - Re: Re: 65 Furthermore, the minutes of a meeting dated 11 October also illustrate the other side of the story !!!





2011-11-17 19:52

SHAME on the school!!!!!!!!!!!! You can take allergy pills and be fine, however you can NOT take a pill and poof, your vision is restored and your hearing is fine!!!! SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!!!! And you know what............... SHAME on the parents with the kid that has the allergy.. Thats just what it is, and allergy NOT a disability!!!!! (using disability lightly Molly)
Lord I pray that you handle this matter and that you allow Molly and Unis to be able to roam the school free, that you touch the leaders of the school's heart and that they put theirselves in Molly's position and realise that what their doing is wrong and not right. In Jesus name, AMEN!!!!



2011-11-17 20:46

Molly has now been away from her studies almost 4 weeks, 4 weeks is a long time to be away from AS Level studies, pushed out of her studies because she is a guidedog owner who refuses to be separated either from her guidedog or her friends - why should she have to make such an unreasonable decision? Her and the dog are now one and the same....



2011-11-18 11:46

Molly is an amazing human being with a tremendous outlook on life. I've been reading the recent events unfold via Jane's updates. The schools decision making in the past few months have been nothing short of dated, barbaric, inhumane and just plain wrong. It is not acceptable in this 'modern society' to go through the daily battles with the education system that the Watt family have to endure. Enough is very much enough