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Suffolk New College Rural transport improvements

Last term Suffolk New College announced that the Inclusive Learning department would move to SNC Rural in Otley. The Otley campus offers a more spacious environment, with a purpose built flat for students to learn practical life skills. Students inducted in the summer term of 2021, visiting in SNC shuttle buses with staff accompanying them. No shuttle service was offered from September 2021 returning to Ipswich. Norfolk County Council Transport offers several coaches to various locations such as

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Merlin Project 2021

Following Eoin Macken's request (21/10/21), who portrayed Sir Gwaine in the BBC TV serie "Merlin", here's a petition to show our support and endless love towards the show which ended in 2012.  The show recalled the adventures of a young warlock -in a land of myths and legends. His name : Merlin.  Despite almost a decade since the finale, this is still a well-beloved serie, and fans around the world are still active, creating content such as artwork, fanfictions and endless gifsets.  Since the s

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Help Sam with his neighbour from hell

After some three years of ongoing offensive abuse towards myself and late wife Shiela and with the police and Rooftop housing seeming to ignore this despite many vistits from the police, many phone calls plus Rooftop housing both without any positive answers and this is remaing for ongoing abuse from my neighbour from hell. We suffered so much abuse and this being allowed to continue today from this neighbour. Just a few things we have had to put up with, constant rude hand gestures, both from i

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Calum Crease for centre

Calum has the size, ability and wits to play centre and improve the back line. These traits were showcased beautifully against Cooke 2XV. 

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Erect a Statue of Roger Hunt at Liverpool Football Club to acknowledge his footballing achievements with LFC and for England winning the World Cup in 1966

Fans have questioned for years; why isn't there a statue of Sir Roger in acknowledgement of the contribution he made to establishing Liverpool Football Club as the successful team it is today when he served under the management of the great Bill Shankly.. it's a travesty Roger didn't see a tribute statue to him during his lifetime however, now would be the perfect time to build a lasting tribute to show the world how proud we are in Liverpool of Sir Roger Hunt's achievements during his 11 years

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Make employers liable for any injury caused by mandatory vaccines.

Right now the vaccine companies are completely immune from liability for their products and the governments around the world are mandating that employers mandate the "vaccines" for employment.   If the vaccine companies are immune, and the government is immune, then the corporations that are mandating these for their employees must be made financially responsible for any injuries or death that occurs from taking any of these "mandatory" vaccines.   It is a simple ask really, shouldn't any employ

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UK Referendum on Immigration & Case for Net Zero - For Immigration

UK Referendum on Immigration & Case for Net Zero – For Immigration   When were you ever asked anything about immigration? The UK has long suffered at the hand of sucessive governments when it comes to mass immigration and its thirst for low paid labour instead of investing in British skills and a self-dependent economy. Today we see our coast plagued with boat after boat from France carrying essentially young men from the Middle East claiming asylum. Our government usher them in without prop

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Rollercoin wave UNban petition !

I was recently banned I was recently banned after a ban waveI have recently been banned from Rollercoin and i tried hard to find out the reason that led to the termination of my account.I have never used any illegal software or autoclicker. Just games legally played by me and my son. The Violation Rollercoin states 'Your account was banned by our tech department for the reason of fraudulent activities in the game.' Why unban Thinktronik ? I strongly believe that this is not an act that i ha

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Masks in Southgate school (Enfield)

Today’s announcement that AT LEAST 10% of Year 9 students at Southgate, along with many others in other years are testing positive with Covid is shocking to hear. The reintroduction of masks is very welcome as masks help stop Covid from spreading, what is not so welcome, is the news that this reintroduction of masks will end shortly and possibly by the beginning of November. Masks are a simple & effective way to stop (1) outbreaks like this from happening and in East Barnet school, where mas

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Keep Joee in the Community

My name is Joee I'm 32 years old, from England and I'm POTENTIALLY facing some length of time in prison for things that I don't believe warrant such punishment, if any punishment is deserved at all. (I always think worst case scenario AND prison hasn't been dismissed) After the breakdown of what was a toxic 2+ year relationship ON BOTH SIDES for many periods of the time together,  I'm facing a terrible road ahead. We have a long history of arguments and break ups that resulted in one of us "hara

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