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Improve the Bus Service to Bevendean

We call on Brighton & Hove Bus company and Brighton & Hove City Council to improve the frequency, reliability and quality of the 48 bus service.  Residents in Bevendean are fed up waiting for the 48. When an already infrequent bus is cancelled at the last minute, it can lead to loss of earnings, cancelled job interviews, fines for missing appointments, and absences from education. On top of all of that, the buses that do turn up often seem to be the oldest and worst performing in the cit

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We as service users and community members would like to show our support of Samer Darwish, the imam of Al-Manaar mosque MCHC. He was unfairly dismissed and was reported to the police to have him removed. Al- Manaar has lost a trustworthy, holy and noble man and we as the community and service users are very satisfied with Imam Samer Darwiche and we are in absolute favour of him staying in his current position. His lectures have been missed and we would like this decision to be overturned. 

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Maggie Lindemann + Support act LØLØ

Maggie Lindemann is going on a world tour this year and we all want LØLØ to be her support act, but this won't happen without ur help. So please sign this to make this happen! Please share the petition <3

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Dumfries and Galloway planners are wrong to recommend against an Aldi in Castle Douglas.

Dumfries and Galloway Council planners have recommended against an application by Aldi to establish a new store in Castle Douglas. A few years ago many of us remember the public outcry over Tesco wanting to build a store in Castle Douglas but since it was built it has proved to be a great asset for the town and has not effected other shops in the 'High Streets." If you agree that a new Aldi store would have no effect on our locally owned shops but will create some healthy competition between the

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To keep the decoration that is used for the g20 beautification in place. Indefinitely.

The PMC, Government of Maharashtra and Government of India have allotted  10 crores to the city for a G20 beautification project. After two days, the decoration comes down. Sign this petition to keep Pune city looking fabulous. We do not need to appease a bunch of foreigners. Gratifying our egos with them complimenting us and telling us how beautiful pune is won't get us anywhere. If residents of pune want it to stay, it will.  Don't be daft. Use your brain if you have one. Sign it. 

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Turun yliopiston etnologian professuuriin kohdistuvat säästötoimet tulee perua! (edit 17.1.2023)

På svenska nedan Scroll down for English version Etnologian professuuri ja tieteenala uhattuna Turun yliopistossa! edit 17.1.2023 – Työnantajapuoli haluaa meidän tarkentavan, että etnologian professuuria ei ole ehdotettu lakkautettavaksi, sen sijaan he ovat kirjanneet säästösuunnitelmiinsa, että etnologian ja folkloristiikan yhdistämistä pohditaan ja että professuurimme saatetaan jäädyttää eläköitymisen johdosta. Seuraukset ovat kuitenkin samat: etnologiassa ei olisi omaa professoria, mikä näive

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Petition to restore TFX tokens to minimum USDT value with immediate effect

16th January 2023 The Management TRIUMPH INT. (SC) LIMITED and TRIUMPH INT. (CYPRUS) LIMITED   Dear Managers, This letter serves as a petition for your consideration to restore the TFX tokens at minimum value against USDT with immediate effect.  This petition is being presented collectively by the IB Clients and Leaders based on observations since the launch of TFX tokens. Some statistics we present are as follows: Initial purpose of free market of TFX: Since August 2022, majority of investors

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Save Our Beloved Blackfriars Post Office - SE1 8NN

It has been a great shock to the community in (Blackfriars) Southwark London that a decision has been made to close the Post Office relied upon not only by personal customers but also a vast amount of businesses. With less than a month left before closure, we call on you to URGENTLY sign our petition to save this vital post office not only for the area but also the staff who rely on the income. At a time when we all feel the pinch it is up to us to stand up for eachother. Address: 52 Blackfriars

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Release from arrest Andrew and Tristan Tate, Georgiana Naghel and Luana Radu

Let’s show how many people support Tate brothers and the girls. They have to be released cause they’re innocent and don’t deserve these fake accusations. Not the first case of random girls, haters who’s still asleep, consuming fake news about Tate’s a d accusing them of bad things which they obviously didn’t do. They are too smart and too busy for all this, they don’t need it 💀They also very religious men. Tate financially helped Romania a lot and i think the government has enough reasons to tru

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Save the Skylink: Airport-Kegworth-Sutton Bonington-Loughborough

I am a resident of Kegworth. I understand that trentbarton gave notice of the withdrawal of the Skylink bus service in late Summer 2022 and that Notts County Council have supported the current Mon to Fri service financially until April 2023. I want to see this rural Skylink route retained while an urgent review takes place by both counties of local, cross boundary, Leics/Notts bus services, including the Skylink, the '865', the University Hopper and connections with Notts villages, Parkway sta

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Change of venue for Harlow MvF

As a group we all want to continue with MvF Harlow but the venue change means lots of us will look to cancel. The John Warner surface is very dangerous due to slipping and it was also very tough on the joints.   

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Reduce the speed limit on West Boulevard from 40mph to 30mph

West Boulevard in Quinton, Birmingham has seen an increase in incidents over the past months. The interactive sign that was recently introduced did not reduce the speeding incidents. The lights keep flashing red as people drive by with speeds well over 40 and sometimes even 50mph. Over the Christmas and New year's period there were two significant incidents with another two happening just hours apart from eachother on 6 and 7 of January which involved the police having to close off the road. If

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Removal of Kantou community leader Sophoclis Georgiou from the office

In the light of recent tragic event, we - poeple of Cyprus, demand the removal of Kantou community leader Sophoclis Georgiou from the office. On the 28th Dec 2022, a dog was reported to Sophoclis Georgiou, by a member of the public. The animal was poisoned and needed urgent medical attention. The dog was right in front of the Community offices in Kantou, a few meters from their front door. Please open the below like for details :

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Make basic first aid training mandatory in all UK Schools

In my opinion, The NHS is what makes Britain great. Our heroes are under crippling amounts of pressure and something needs to be done very soon. I’d like to put forward that basic first aid training is made mandatory in all senior schools in the UK. If every child that leaves school was qualified/trained in basic first aid, this in turn will release huge amounts of pressure that the NHS face on a daily basis, as well as save so many more lives.

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Petition no ball games on swifts estate play area green

Resident petition wish to Petition Accent Group  wish accent to consider as in relation to complaints received in relation to ball games on the green We are residents are concern about damage that has already occurred and to prevent future damage properties and gardens. We as residents of the estate request for Accent, group to take action by making provisions to prevent all ball games on the swifts play area green. Either by signage or plantations in the centre of the play area.

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SAVE the Skylink bus service in Sutton Bonington and surrounding villages

Since Trent Barton gave notice of the withdrawal of the Skylink bus service the Parish Council, Cllr Matt Barney and a number of residents have held a meeting with Notts County Council to try and plan a way forward after the full withdrawal in April. Residents will be aware that Notts County Council have undertaken to support the current service until then. A number of options are being considered by the County Council and to support our efforts we intend to submit a Petition in support of conti

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Kyiv Declaration of Security

     Taking into account the historical experience of Russia's use of military aggression, as the main tool of pressure on its neighbors and its own population, as well as nuclear blackmail in relation to the world community, as a guarantee of its impunity, I appeal to the authorities of the Russian Federation with a proposal to voluntarily abandon nuclear weapons. I believe that this refusal should be the primary condition for the lifting of international sanctions against the Russian Federatio

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Furuviksparken Sweden should have an animal ban

On 14 Dec 2022, three chimpanzees where shot to death in Furuviksparken Sweden. A fourth wasshot wounded. When the monkeys escaped, Furuvik chose to take hunters there who shot(executed) them. No other optionswere tried before - even though alternatives existed. At the time of this writing, over a day after the escape, the shot-wounded monkey has not yet been treated and no one knows if it is even alive despite being inside the house! How Parks & Resorts handled this situation shows major d

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In defense of Roman Uranjek's reputation

Roman Uranjek, an internationally acclaimed artist and member of the group Irwin, died suddenly on the 20th of August 2022. Subsequently, a smear campaign was unleashed in the media, fuelled by a small group of people. Although there have been very few denigrators, his reputation in public opinion could be damaged due to the almost total absence of replies from the many who knew him. In agreement with the people closest to him, I activated this collection of signatures of people who knew him

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Dragi români ortodocși din Swindon, mă numesc Ștefănescu Victor, locuiesc și trăiesc în Swindon. Vin acum în prag de Crăciun să vă propun să ne adunăm și să facem demersuri pentru a deschide o Biserica Ortodoxă Romană aici în Swindon, pentru a ne putea bucura și noi de o sărbătoare și pentru a nu mai fii nevoiți să depunem eforturi uriașe dacă vrem să ne cununam, să ne botezăm copiii, să ne pomenim morții sau pentru a avea acces la orice alt serviciu religios de care avem nevoie. Pentru a începe

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