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  STOP THE HILLFIELD 5G MAST NOW TELL SOLIHULL COUNCIL TO REFUSE PERMISSION  PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITON - before August 27 2022                                                                                                                                                 Corner of Charterhouse Drive and Monkspath Hall Rd (PL/2022/01383/PN) Is it worth risking your health and the wellbeing of your children and all living things (pets, birds, bees, insects, trees), ruining our lovely Hillfield es

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Extend Chichester Deliveroo Zones to include Fontwell, Eastergate, Westergate, Barnham

This is a petition to request deliveroo to extend their deliveroo zones for restaurants within Chichester Town center to deliver to the Fontwell, Eastergate, Westergate and Barnham areas at an additional cost.

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Reinstate Greenock's September weekend

September weekend in Greenock has now gone due to Greenock councillors starting 2023. September weekend been a long running tradition for as long back as I can remember bus runs to Blackpool and other places which still happens. Please help get this reinstated paisley and Glasgow have their own and our has been move to Glasgow's dates which is the end of the month. Our has always been the fist weekend in September. 

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Sepsi OSK fans are not racists!

ENG / HU (lent) / RO (mai jos) ENG: To the attention of UEFA from the fans of Sepsi OSK.During the football match between Sepsi OSK and NK Olimpija Ljubljana (2022. 07. 28.), a particular form of support was deemed by UEFA to be racist. We would also like to make it clear that our fan community has never tolerated any racist support. From the start, we consider racism in our community unimaginable, as the Sepsi OSK team has a multi-ethnic fan base. We encouraged and respected all of our players

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Support your local pub, The Crown Inn and its events

After months of working with New Forest District council (NFDC), we have had to temporarily suspend live music due to being served with a Noise Abatement Noitce.  We feel this notice has been served somewhat hastily as I (Martin) and my staff believe they were working closely with the council to reaach a fair compromise after aproximately 4 regular complainants made it necessary for Environmental Helath to monitor live music events. These events are once weekly and for two sets of forty five min

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Remove the management from The Queens Head, Burley

This petition is to remove the current management from The Queens Head, Burley. Our local pub, and community gathering place has been ruined by Greene King's decision to appoint 'Carol and her team' to manage the pub. She has made the whole community unwelcome and refuses service to locals of 18 years old to 80. Please sign this petition to remove the management and get our community pub back! 

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Stop Lewisham Council taking away the rights of adults with learning disabilities.

Lewisham Council are forcing adults with learning disabilities to accept detrimental changes to their care package without any consultation. The Council will be leaving vulnerable people with no care or supervision for over 2 hours a day and forcing them to spend over 3 hours on council buses for journeys that will only take 30 minutes. This will affect working parents who may need to give up their jobs to make sure that their adult children are cared for. This will also affect the adults themse

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Stop the solar farm next to Barnsdale Gardens

We have learnt that a company called Exton Energy is planning to build a solar farm on 81 hectares of land in the fields right next door to Barnsdale Gardens. As vital as renewable energy is, there are better local fields to place this where the constant noise of the motorised panels, as they follow the sun, will not be the overriding factor ruining the peace for our visitors and wildlife and may force the closure of Barnsdale Gardens. I would be very grateful for your support to block this dev

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Stop the block

This is a petition against proposal to remove current garages on Regents Court and redevelop the space for new homes. Not only is this location unsuitable but this block is said to have only have 50% council housing at best, despite the council housing shortage in the borough. If this project is completed, it would mean: Less space for everybody Less car parking spots for more people, and more traffic Increased service charges Less space for children to play Less light into the gardens of Regent

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Rendlesham Basketball/Mugga court opening

The Basketball or Mugga Court in Rendlesham has been locked for the summer Holidays and is only available to be hired at £5 an hour for tennis. We think is is unfair to all those who use this facility all year round. Also there does not seem to be much demand for the tennis sessions. We are calling for this decision to be reconsidered and the court returned to free use or at least shared between the activities

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