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Petition for my beloved brother Steven John Brown aged 32 who passed away June 30th 2019 on Goose Meadows Motocross Track in Rugby. The owner of the track at the time is looking at a 5% chance of being held responsible of the death of my brother which would be totally unfair. This would be because the owner had no Marshall’s, no first aid and never told my brother to sign anything prior to being let onto the track, he was only told to pay a fee of £25 and off he went. Also the day after my broth

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PETÍCIA podľa článku 20 ods.2 písm.d) Zmluvy o fungovaní Európskej únie (ZFEÚ) do rúk Rady Európskej únie na základe iniciatívy členov Združenia pre zdravú a spravodlivú spoločnosť (Združenie) a v spolupráci s Pro Libertate VO VECI: UMOŽNENIE RIADNEHO VYŠETRENIA PODOZRENÍ Z PORUŠENIA ÚNIJNÉHO PRÁVA A KORUPCIE A S TÝM SÚVISIACE ZBAVENIE IMUNITY PREDSEDNÍČKY EURÓPSKEJ KOMISIE P. URSULE VON DER LEYEN A ROZPUSTENIE EURÓPSKEJ KOMISIE   Upozorňujúc na to, že:   1)        Výbor pre reguláciu zdravotn

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PETITION according to the Article 20(2)(d) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) to the Council of the European Union based on the initiative of the members of the Association for Healthy and Fair Society in a cooperation with Pro Libertate REGARDING: FACILITATING DUE INVESTIGATION ON SUSPICIONS OF INFRINGEMENT OF UNION LAW AND CORRUPTION AND THE CORRESPONDING IMMUNITY WAIVER OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE EUROPEAN COMISSION, MRS. URSULA VON DER LEYEN, AND DISMISSAL OF THE EUR

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Ally McCoist should be the commentator for the World Cup Final

As an ex-player commentator, Ally McCoist is streets ahead of his colleagues in the commentary box. He makes the game even more enjoyable. There are some really poor ex-player commentators for this world Cup, which actually can be a real turn off. Ally McCoist is the best, so he should play host to the biggest game in world football. a match made in heaven! Please add your signature to this so we can all enjoy the final to the maximum. Thanks!

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Stop using EVRI

The aim of this petition is to implore retailers to stop using the appalling delivery service EVRI which more often than not either fails to deliver, or takes weeks to deliver or loses packages altogether. When buying online consumers often pay for delivery and unwittingly find themselves at the mercy of EVRI only to find this contract is not honoured. EVRI's tracking system ironically leaves packages 'untraceable' and there is no consumer helpline. Simply put EVRI is not fit for purpose and cau

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Replacing or Fixing the Pace Clock at OHS Swimming Pool

Pace clocks are used to time swims, time rest intervals, and to keep each swimmer separated from other swimmers in a lane. They are one of the most basic yet useful pieces of equipment for a coach and the competitive swimmer. We have been struggling without one now for 6 months at OHS pool and despite several requests, it still has not been fixed or replaced. Please add your name to let the school know that you miss and need a pace clock!

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I oppose the Digital ID / Auschwitz ID and all those who support it

To all Politicians & to whom it may concern The The Digital ID or Vacination Pass / Auschwitz Pass is a crime against Humanity.I oppose this with vigour! We will not be subject to this Holocaust Edwin Black is the New York Times bestselling and award-winning author of IBM and the Holocaust. This is an excerpt from his book: IBM & the Holocaust "In August 1943, a timber merchant from Bendzin, Poland, arrived at Auschwitz. He was among a group of 400 inmates, mostly Jews. First, a doctor

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We NEED a dance remix of the Olivia Newton-John & Dolly Parton "Jolene" duet!

With the recent sad passing of pop ICON Olivia Newton-John, and her posthumus duets album coming out early in 2023, fans are most excited for a long-over duet with Dolly Parton of a song that was a big hit for BOTH of them, "Jolene." Now with Dolly's continued popularity, the time is right for a DANCE REMIX of this duet of "Jolene" and to bring it in to the dance clubs! It is a classic song that everyone loves and both ladies are gay icons, so the gay clubs would grab hold of it fast! Olivia's l

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Dicker facility upgrade

This is a petition to get the school to take action on upgrading dicker's facilities. We pay the same amount of money as other day houses yet get a worse experience. Its time to change. The results of this petition will be showed to the Head Master. Here are some example of upgrades we can achieve from this petition: New dicker building Toilets in dicker house Common room for each year group kitchen facilites better working space Its up to you as dicker pupils to make this happen. Sign the pet

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Stop theft and vandalism of students belongings at Melksham Oak

We, a collective of concerned and frustrated parents and guardians, have become utterly fed up with the lack of action on the part of Melksham Oak Community school regarding the ongoing theft and damage of students' property in the school day. We are exasperated at how hard it is to get hold of the school about thefts and damages and more that we never seem to get a response and certainly no action seems to take to stamp the issues out. We are burdening the costs of replacing items that are brok

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