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2011-12-15 00:17

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 She only ever stays for lunch twice a week - in the dining room for probably 20 - 25 minutes with her selected group of friends. She leaves the dog outside the assembly hall for 15 minutes and sits with her friends. Facts are facts - and the school has reported honestly!


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2011-12-15 00:25

Mahala- Where are people getting ANYPHILATIC SHOCK from? this is a DOG we are talking about ,not a peanut for gods sake,my own grandson has an allergy to dogs,I HAVE A DOG, he takes his medication...antihistamines...and he is fine,so please get real,he has an allergy..it is not life threatening..stop being so blooming dramatic. Do you have any medical background/degree/ expertise if so please let me know where you are based and I will avoid it..just for the record I do have some medical training...you do not know what you are talking about...and like I said my grandson lives with this daily and apart from the odd sneeze he is fine.



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2011-12-15 01:06

#197: Disgusted - and an ex pupil too! - Last word as we're getting nowhere :-( 

 That isn't true. He didn't go on school trips to places like Marwell zoo because of it. Sometimes people walk their dogs at lunchtime like Molly does and keep them in cars but not in school. One day  some teachers brought dogs into school cos it snowed and they had to all walk in to keep school open. He suffered an attack and no dogs have been allowed in since. He has an epipen and other things. No one has the right to say he is less needy than Molly at this time. He has a serious medical condition that the school is forced to take notice of. Some people have the same reaction to nuts and nuts are banned in a school because of it. He is a boarder so the school is his home, Molly is not. I've heard that some schools only allow sighted guides, but instead MH has tried to accomodate the dog in the best way it can. No one is saying things are easy for Molly - they're not but her mum chose to make this into a big issue. Molly is at a school that cares for her and surrounded by people that care for her but now her mum is making it hard for her to come back. The side dining room is not a place where pupils are normally allowed to eat and it is nice to eat in there with whoever you want to - I'd love to!  The dog would be comfortable in there for 20 minutes as well while Molly sat at a table and ate in the dining room if that is what she wants to do. The dog has not been banned from school. Molly has not been isolated. If she does come back I know she will be treated well by everyone but I don't think any of this discussion has helped her in anyway. I think people should just stop making comments and stop signing petitions and let her get back to a life at a school where she was probably allowed to feel more 'normal' and less disabled than she would ever have been anywhere else. She has also been able to believe that she can achieve a lot more than maybe she would have felt anywhere else and that's because of the way the school helps us.

Disgusted - and an ex-pupil too!

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2011-12-15 01:39

#203: - Re: Last word as we're getting nowhere :-( 


Thanks for clarifying that. It is nice to read another view point that is presented so well.

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2011-12-15 01:44

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A friend is meant to be supportive. If I were Molly and reading that comment, I'd be very upset. Surely she needs her friends now more than ever?

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2011-12-15 01:55

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Yes, friends are supposed to be supportive.  But they don't have to AGREE with everything you do.  And support is a two way street.  Misrepresenting one's friends as uncaring and abandoning is hardly supportive, is it?

Hope Molly gets back to school soon.  This must be a stressful and distressing time for both her AND the boy involved.

former student

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2011-12-15 02:46

#197: Disgusted - and an ex pupil too! - Last word as we're getting nowhere :-( 


I didn't use swearing word, you've got the wrong person.



2011-12-15 09:20

If the boy was so bad when he arrived at the school dogs should have been barred from site completely - that was not the case, a guidedog representative saw lots of dogs around school, so pets kept in cars doesn't cut it.
Spending nights at friends who own dogs has been clarified too!
Nobody is disputing he has an allergy, it is just not life threatening where dogs are concerned - ALS please note peanuts are not banned in school or wasps and they do cause anaphylactic shock!!
If all was transparent and there was medical evidence to support the exaggeration presented by the school, it would be a very different situation,
Why not just ne up front and honest and present a proper case MHS?


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2011-12-15 13:10

#208: -   Whoever you are - prove it! You are making sweeping statements and it's heresay. That poor boy has been dragged into this and it is all because of a neurotic mother who should be allowing her daughter to get on with her education and be with friends who care about her. Instead her life is revolving around this issue and it is her mother's issue. Note who set up this forum!! Molly is an intelligent young lady but it must be very difficult for her to stand up to a mother like hers and say enough is enough! The boy has a right to his privacy. He did not ask to be at the centre of attention. I pity any child of yours who may have to suffer from severe allergies because they will lack an understanding parent. Noone has stopped dogs being walked in the grounds, in the open air. This whole thing is about approximately 1 hour in a whole week. All of this has just made things a lot worse for everyone involved. 


Disgusted - and an ex-pupil too!

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2011-12-15 16:26

#207: former student - Re: Last word as we're getting nowhere :-( 

 I don't think I said it was you, but apologies if I got myself mixed up. Like I said in my previous post, the way the forum is laid out, it is really easy to get confused about who says what. The whole subject matter is so complex, too. Very much a case of "he says, she says". I do hope it all is sorted out soon for everyone's sake.


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2011-12-15 16:52

#206: Guest - Re: Re: Re: Re: Continue 

 That may be the case, but remember that the national newspaper that the article appeared in isn't exactly renowned for hard truths. It may be the case they bulked the article up and Molly didn't actually say anything about her friends in a negative way. The journalist might have wanted it to come across this way for shock value. Just an idea.

anonymous #5


2011-12-15 18:35

*******MESSAGE TO JANE WATT*******

How is this petition is going to help your daughter? From what I can see, the school you claimed that have been treating Molly unfairly, rescheduled the timetable and offered other options, yet either you or Molly rejected those support and consisted on keeping the guide dog at all times.
Previously Molly had coped without the use of assistance until last July. Had Molly's eyesight detoriate very quickly in the last few months?

I have read other stories such as your blog on www.mollywatt.com, the school had been making huge effort in bringing the school in and completed all training, educated other students with rules of guide dog. Give the school bit of time to solve the issue and concentrate on your daughter who is currently going through depression. Molly needs the support from her mother on getting through the depression and be involved in the community.

Frankly with these articles and petition, it seems you are determined to add stress onto your daughter depression. Maybe look into different specialist school that have experience with deafblind students.



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2011-12-15 21:20

It is now Mary Hare Schools because it has the primary school to. It also takes in a range of children with different learning difficulties.



2011-12-15 21:56

Is it just me with Firefox who finds the dedicated website unreadable? Not the content per se, but if you go to the blog portion each line is 2-3 words maximum! I'll let someone else point out that particular irony... but PLEASE sort it out. I really wanted to read it but the layout gave me a headache! I did like the videos, though.


#215 Mary Hare School?

2011-12-16 00:11

What's in a name? Over 80% of the students go to University each year


#216 Re: Tell it like it is.

2011-12-21 19:55

#174: - Tell it like it is.

well said - I was at Mary Hare in the '70's and several pupils at the time had ushers. No preferential or special treatment were given at the time and everyone managed just fine.  Molly is no more special than any of the other pupils at the school and should not be treated otherwise.






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2011-12-21 19:58

Disgusted - and an ex pupil too!

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2011-12-22 17:25

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I'm getting personal? Surely you cannot fail to see the irony of saying that when I've been accused of being someone I most certainly am not. How much more personal can you get than accuse someone of fake identity? I have never even met Molly or her family. I simply asked how I could be Molly's Mum, who I presume is hearing, and also be an ex pupil of MHS? That is an obvious contradiction. Maybe I shoudn't have said "get a grip" but I was annoyed that whoever wrote that could consider it, so I apologise for that. I think it is sad that because someone disagrees, others assume they are pretending to be someone they're not. Yes, not all ex-MH pupils agree with you! Thankfully, we are not all sheep - we have views of our own. Mine is in support of Molly. Unfortunately, this forum has decended into childishness and has lost its focus. It is a fact of life that you are going to have to learn to cope with people disagreeing with you without descending into name calling or accusing people of being someone they're not. 

Where is the explanation?


2012-01-01 16:13

It is a strange set of double standards set by the school - the boy with the alleged life threatening allergy to dogs has been attending the school for over 4 years, on his arrival at the school all that time ago the headmaster did not see fit to ban all teachers pet dogs from the school and school site, as would be completely expected based on the fact that the school have insisted this apparent allergy is life threatening - or has it just become life threatening on the arrival of a guided dog and based on out dated medical evidence!?
One would assume 4 years ago there was up to date medical evidence supporting this, what is now, an alleged allergy and yet the headmaster was happy to risk the boy having an anaphylactic shock as a result of a members of staff having pet dogs in and around school.
Excuse the questioning here, but can somebody explain how this works?
It is most certainly double standards and can only be discrimination of the guidedog!!


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2012-01-01 16:19

#209: - Re:  

 < you need to get your facts right !!


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2012-01-01 16:22

#216: - Re: Tell it like it is. 


each pupil should be supported, at their ages each should be dealing with their own issues. I wonder if there is any other teaching institution that would isolate another person because of another person!? Good luck with college or Uni to the kid with the alleged allergy - you will not get exclusivity Nywhere else on the planet!!
the realist

#222 idiot's

2014-08-19 10:41

I know im late to this but all of you that are for this have just said its ok to send someone to hospital and risk there health just for the sake of a guide dog? what the fuck is wrong with you people molly and her mum are like hitler and the nazis if someone is alergic to a dog they cant help it and it cant always be managed But the anaphalctic sho k is ok as long as she looks cool? What a horrible family






2018-10-30 00:47

Molly, I say that you walk straight up to that person and ask for the proof, or just transfer.