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2011-12-14 02:34

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usher syndrome is restricted vision, you can see ahead, some people wears glasses, cannot see in the dark. I have got friends with usher syndrome and none of them have guide dogs or walking cane. I would never tell your wife to stop dancing. I was trying to point out that her dog does not help with sewing or dancing hence she's independence in those areas but she can't be independence eating her meal with group of friends?! eating is not as hazard as sewing or dancing. by the way, those who insulted about my writing, it is nothing to do with this petition, so don't start insulting me because of my writing skills. thank you very much. I've got BSc(Hons) and currently doing MA. I am allowed to casualise my writing skills in informal areas!!!!!!!
Disgusted - and an ex pupil too!

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2011-12-14 09:16

No I'm not Molly's mum!!

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2011-12-14 09:32

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I don't understand why there have been 2 remarks indicating I'm Molly's Mum. I guess you struggle to comprehend that people disagree with you. I AM an ex MH pupil. I'm profoundly deaf. Comments on here HAVE been insulting towards Molly's Mum - there's no need for it. Also, I'm not criticising everyone's language - I'm simply saying that the person who wrote a lengthy post full of legal stuff came across as really high handed and used casual language - it didnt add up. By the way, if you look at Molly's webpage, it says that Guide Dogs didn't approve the restrictions. Someone is being economical with the truth somewhere along the line. Who know's what the real story is?
Disgusted - and an ex pupil too!

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2011-12-14 09:39

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With so much experience of Usher, you'll know that the condition can vary. What if Molly's vision is worse than yours? If you don't want to be insulted, then don't make insults! I was referring to you swearing, not your language skills! One of the things they teach you at school is if you insult people, or use profanity to get your point across, you isolate yourself and lose the argument. Surely it's Molly's choice to have a dog? It's none of our business how she copes with school subjects. It's my understanding she uses the dog for mobility reasons. It's her choice if she wants to use a cane or assistant. You shouldn't take these options away - how would you feel?


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2011-12-14 09:49

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you must research usher syndrome & get your facts right, Molly is registered blind, there are younger ushers than Molly that are blind too, Guidedogs are not given to people cos they look pretty - this is a typical ignorant comment and from a deaf person too, how sad. You should be ashamed of your own ignorance.


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2011-12-14 09:57

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it hasn't been a grammar school for a long time - facts please !!


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2011-12-14 10:07

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Guidedogs are not in support of the school, more misquotes!!!



2011-12-14 11:37

Dogs at park, dogs on street, dogs at markets, on and on long list,


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2011-12-14 15:31

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so true and pet dogs in MHS for donkeys years and not a word about anaphylactic shock !!! If there was a kid who was so allergic why did the head not ban the pets 5 years ago when the alleged allergy boy arrived? An assistant dog is far more important and there for a reason, why pick that dog and not the pet dogs? Ever thought about that?



2011-12-14 18:10

Completely off-topic, but when did Mary Hare cease to be a grammar school? And why? Just curious and Google isn't giving me answers.

As for this whole thing, how many people really know what's going on, and how many people are just being judgmental - on both sides - because of their beliefs? I personally feel sorry for both Molly and so-called "Allergy Boy" (really? Come on - we might as well label Molly "deafblind girl"!). Can we please, everyone, try to show a little more empathy for BOTH parties? As my mother said to me on many an occasion when I was younger and screaming about how unfair life is: "life's not fair: deal with it.". Cold and hard-headed? Yes. Realistic? Yes.

If you're reading this, Mrs Watt (mum), I know you want the best for Molly. I can't begin to imagine the trauma that your family has been through. But is this really the solution? One day, you will not be around/capable of looking after Molly. The old 'life's not fair' argument. Isn't it better to teach her now that life's not fair, rather than wait until she's adult and it's actually something serious?

Or, to put it another way, things WILL get worse to Molly. I'm not surprised she's depressed. I admire that she's trying her best to be normal, and not be treated differently, and that she's growing up and growing personally with this knowledge. But what you are doing now helps no-one, least of all Molly.

I speak as an ex-pupil of Mary Hare now: Mr Shaw is a fair man with a hard job. He knows he's in between a rock and a hard place. This petition is likely to achieve the square root of nothing. If I were in his place, an impossible place, I would be very tempted to use the Solomon verdict (to save Googling: the Biblical thing where two women were going on and on about a baby and he cut the baby in half. I'm sure we all know the story and how it ended).

Not a bible-nut by any means, but I do think that Mrs Watts needs to realise that this venomous campaign is not working. I implore you to start thinking about Molly's life when you're not around to protect her, and realise that if you don't allow her to learn the lessons she needs to, she will be truly depressed.

To Molly - stay strong. I have no idea if that fashion conscious DM thing is true or not, but if it is: why not just allow your friends to help you a little, or at least use the stick? I still have problems allowing people to make exceptions for my deafness... but know that at the end of the day - even in this situation, people do just want to help you. It cannot be 100% your way. Sucks, but it's true. I know you've got a long, hard road in front of you. Walk it.

To the boy with the allergy, if you read this - I'm sorry. It'll pass. It always does! I would like to write more but I don't know anything about you other than the allegations pressed here. I'm just sad that you can never enjoy the joy of the company of animals (I'm assuming the fur allergy includes cats and other mammals). Don't feel bad about the situation.

That's probably enough! :D Peace all x


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2011-12-14 18:14

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Well, have a look at this and then tell us how fair your mr shaw is to mis-quote and mis-lead. There are lots of ex MHS signatures on this petition and yours is just an opinion just like envy other!! A Guide Dogs spokesperson said: "This is a complicated matter, and Guide Dogs is working with the school and Molly's family to find a solution that enables both pupils to attend.  We are continuing to support Molly and her family in finding solutions that will accommodate the needs of both pupils, but recognise that it is for the school to meet these needs. "Guide Dogs completed a detailed induction at the school with a mobility instructor when Molly finished her training as a guide dog owner and at the time, no particular difficulties were identified in relation to the other pupil's allergic reaction. Since then, we have been working closely with Molly, her family and the school - and continue to do so - to find a way forward. "The school will need to find a way of providing reasonable adjustments that will work for both pupils and we are confident that the issue can still be resolved. Guide Dogs hopes that the school, working with the pupils and their families, can find a solution that takes the needs of both pupils into account and we are doing all we can to help bring this about."


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2011-12-14 18:19

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Shame Molly can't enjoy school life because of an alleged condition too !!


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2011-12-14 18:31

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(I'm commentator 185)

1/ Mr Shaw is not 'my' Mr Shaw. I haven't seen him for donkey's years.

2/ Your tone is belligerent.

3/ I have to go away now, but I am assuming that you're talking about this charity? http://www.guidedogs.org.uk/ ?


I will be back in a couple of hours. Would it be possible for you to format your last post a bit better? Just put the separate quotes on their own paragraphs etc, it would help readability.




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2011-12-14 18:34

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Molly was taken out of school due to Dr's orders as far as I'm aware. And please don't mangle my words and turn them against me.

You're very angry, whoever you are. But anyway - going now, back in 2 hours or so.


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2011-12-14 18:42

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"duty of care" to both pupils not just one with no medical evidence.

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2011-12-14 21:13

Where on earth did you get that figure from. She has lunch there twice a week- not breakfast, lunch and supper like the other student. Eating in the private dining room is a privilege and Molly was never there in isolation she was always with her friends. It was much quieter and less chaotic!


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2011-12-14 21:17

I'm a friend of Molly's but something's need to be said. Molly was happy to go to America, Reading and Newbury without Unis. I'm only deaf and yes, Unis is great for her and we love Unis but the school did make lots of changes very quickly and believed they were doing the right thing for both students. Molly has coped without Unis for years. Perha


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2011-12-14 21:22

Perhaps if she'd come with Unis at the start they would have said we couldn't have her because of the allergy. Perhaps if Unis was there first the allergy boy wouldn't have been allowed. Molly has always managed with us before and if Unis has suddenly stopped her being able to cope them perhaps Unis isn't so good for her after all. Sorry Molly. I feel sad you said you were on your own when it just wasn't true.


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2011-12-14 21:50

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Well I'm fucking stumped. I won't apologise for the big nasty swearing, but are you serious? Would you like to flip that statement so you're refering to Molly as the one with no medical evidence?

How would that make you feel?

And Mrs Watt - you are a charity worker. I am simply stunned at the lack of empathy. YES it is your daughter and YES you want the best for her. But can't you break out of this ridiculous campaign and see what you're doing?


You are NOT helping Molly at all.


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2011-12-14 21:54

#192: - Some facts

Awesome! Keep supporting Molly!


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2011-12-14 22:05

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The cynic in me is thinking, I bet going to America was a lot more exciting than boring old SCHOOL, wasn't it?

I'm sorry that you and Molly's friends have been hurt by the way you've been painted in the press.  It did seem puzzling to read the accusations that Molly's "friends" could be so uncaring and insensitive as to leave her isolated and alone in a seperate room to eat her lunch.  Didn't seem very friendly behaviour.  Good to hear your point of view.

Disgusted - and an ex pupil too!

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2011-12-14 22:40

This is causing so much heated argument and the way the forum is laid out, it is easy to confuse people and tie ourselves up in knots. I was guilty of this last night, but infuriated by some of the attitudes, mostly from fellow ex pupils like myself. The fact is that it is highly likely to be illegal under the Equalities Act to ban a Guide Dog from a public place, such as Blount Hall. I cannot believe the previous poster who said that eating in a side room was a privilege! I am sure Molly would like to eat in the same room as everyone else and not be singled out this way, whether or not her friends sat with her or not. I have been reading up on this case today and apparently the young person with the allergy is involved in walking a member of staff's dog on the campus? Surely this cannot be right? Also, there have been pet dogs on campus for as long as I can remember, has the young person had a reaction? His situation is dreadful, but those who slate Molly and say "life is tough" should maybe apply the same thinking to the boy in question. To go through life completely avoiding animals is impossible. There seems to be conflicting stories at every twist and turn. To end, no I'm not Molly's Mum, yes I am an ex MH pupil, no I hope I am not a "prat" as I was so charmingly called last night.


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2011-12-14 22:47


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2011-12-14 22:50

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Some friend you are!

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2011-12-14 23:00

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If Molly's friends feel they are being misrepresented in the press, shouldn't have the right of reply?