Justice 4 Deafblind Guidedog Owner Molly Watt - age 17

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2011-11-27 18:47

#89: Proud ex MHGS -  

Oh dear oh dear what kind of morals, predudice and discrimination do they teach at MHS?

You say you are proud of their actions against Molly & her guide dog, Unis.

I suppose with that Headmaster, it isn't surprising

Molly and her Guide Dog have the legal right to have access to anywhere hospitals, restaurants, dentists & supermarkets in the whole UK apart from at MHS

Her Guide Dog acts as her eyes the same as her hearing aids help with her hearing ~ I presume that if you were a pupil at MHGS that you and your friends either had Hearing aids or some other help with hearing ~ so if I came along and told you all to remove the help, how would you feel and cope?

When the Head was showing a new prospective family around the school, he went to look for Molly and her Guide Dog to show them off to the new family and said how proud he was of this new addition to MHS he failed to mention to them that he acted illegally by discriminating against Molly & her Guide Dog

"allergy boy", in my opinion is not being truthful and until medical evidence is produced and a full explanation on how the school can allow teachers' dogs in and around the school to be walked and petted by him, my opinion and all those that have heard about this will not be changed.

MHS is completely wrong and illegal in their actions against Molly & her Guide Dog, Unis  


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2011-11-27 23:40

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this was suggested to the school !!
Nicola Mitchell

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2011-11-27 23:41

#89: Proud ex MHGS - The school only has itself to blame. People are not that stupid that they can't look at a situation and decide whose in the right and whose in the wrong. So please do not insult the 900+ people who signed this petition by your poorly educated comments.




2011-11-28 11:10

A working dog works with their owner 24/7. Who looks after Unis in the time the school decides they should be separated? The training of the guide dog is to never leave their owner, separation would cause confusion for Unis. It is hard enough at the best of times to be different from general society, excluded and isolated. Certainly doesn't need this happening within a boarding school, when many are away from family. Teachers and care staff are temporary 'parents' during term times, so would they wish to turn their back on one of their own 'children' just because they are different and someone else is complaining??

You have my full support and ashamed to be an ex MHGS pupil in this situation.


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2011-11-28 16:12

#101: Katie - Re:

Molly has every right to her education, just like everybody else.  Fighting for fairness and justice is a right and for the record, that is all we have done.

Whoever started the pathetic scaremongering about Molly having the school closed down should feel very embarrassed about spreading such a nasty rumour and frightening the deaf community !!!  What a disgrace........



2011-11-28 17:38

Not surprised about Mary Hare School.

I'm fully supporting Molly.


2011-11-28 18:27

I am utterly appalled that Molly who is 17 years of age is being denied her education because she has a disability. How irresponsible of her school peers to deprive her of her studies at such an important time in her life. This may jeopardise her entry into college or university. Life is hard enough for able bodied students but to prevent Molly her right to attend school with her Guide Dog is surely against her human rights. My daughter was taught by a teacher who was blind and his guide dog was allowed everywhere within the school and when she puppy walked for GDA she used to take the pups to her lectures at Strathclyde Uni without anyone complaining. Please stop all the negative comments on this forum NOW, and let's all get behind this young girl and support her family.


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2011-11-28 19:00

#107: Sheena -

Thank you Sheena,  all we have ever asked is that Molly is treated fairly, she has never asked for any specil treatment, just be as like everybody else as is possible - being singled out has been totally unfair and unjust and as this has only happened since she had her guidedog, it can only be for that reason which is most certainly discriminatory and most certainly encroaches on her human rights - I just wish people would read the facys and act fairly - is that so unreasonable?



2011-11-28 20:26

This is truly a sad situation. I have read Mr Shaw's statement [www.maryhare.org.uk/a-statement-about-the-situation-with-guidedog] and it appears that he has done everything by the book. I'm not disputing anything you have said or done, but has Molly been forced out/pushed out/ asked to leave or was she taken out of school? I understand and fully agree that Molly should be with her dog 24 hours, but what puzzled me is that why was everything agreed on in October and then later changed. There are no real indicators of what you want from the school, how she left and there appears to be vindictive undertones towards "allergy boy". I truly hope that this situation is resolved and please could you state things as they happened factually.


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2011-11-28 20:58

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Molly has been pushed out of school by the actions of the school, the school put the compromises upon her in september, she tried to work with them and found the isolation unbareable - the school were informed of her unhappiness, were asked to look at alternatives to keep both pupils happy and safe - a compromise has to work all ways and clearly this was not working at all.  As a result Molly could cope no more and since the school have refused to consider any suggestions from guidedogs Molly has slipped further and further into depression and this has been confimed with very up to date medical evidence.

A duty of care has to work for all and clearly this has not worked.

I think it needs to be made very clear that "allergy boy' does not have up to date medical evidence as was confrmed at a meeting on 11 October, it should lso be mentioned that this boy has shared the same corridors as Molly and her guidedog and bruashed with her on up teen occasions - no reaction!!  Yet, the school refused even to trial, under the supervision of guidedogs, Molly sitting with her 6th form friends and him as far away as possible in the dining hall, which is considerably a larger disatance than a corridor.  It would be fair to say the dining hall is at least the size of a netball pitch - even a fool would struggle to accept this as an unreasonable request!!

We should all stop and consider we were told his boy would have an anaphylactic shock if near the guidedog - it has not happened!!




2011-11-28 21:15

As a person with a severe hearing loss I am appalled at this situation. I am sadly used to poor treatment & lack of understanding from the general public but for a school with a log tradition of supporting deaf people & instilling in them the skills & confidence needed to deal with the challenges that life has dealt us this beggars belief!



2011-11-28 21:37

I also question, if this apparent allergy is so desperate, why is he not isolated for his own good, there are lots of pupils and staff who have dogs who carry a multitude of allergens on their person!!
I guarantee any parent would have to question things like school trips into London, to museums, on public transport, after all, assistant dogs are allowed on public transport, in museums, restaurants, hospitals, in fact besides, it seems MHS dining room and a few other places Guidedogs can go anywhere without question or restriction ending in a fine !!!



2011-11-28 23:40

Iif things were fair there would not to be a problem but there is and sweeping it under the carpet and quoting inaccuracies isn't the way to deal with a problem! Wake up MHS and do the right and fair thing !!!


2011-11-29 16:04

Shameful on Mary Hare School
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2011-11-30 10:05

Write a comment...Thanks for all the comments, the supportive ones far outweigh the negative ones - thanks to you all.



2011-11-30 13:33

Absolutely disgusting that Molly is unable to receive a proper education. Yes, kids are cruel but the school is in the wrong.



2011-11-30 13:34

help molly watt ..



2011-11-30 13:53

Really we need a this, do the right thing, this is nuts and you know it, unreal



2011-11-30 22:22

Of course, the majority always wins. This world is constructed for survival of the
fittest. To ask those who have the ability to do more is a travesty. We so called "disabled" must confirm our worlds to those who have no impairments, so that it may be safer for them. Tell me how that make sense.Stay tough little one!



2011-12-01 10:07

This is disgraceful. MHS should be ashamed.


#121 Molly

2011-12-01 20:32

As someone who worked with Molly in her primary school and met her again just a few days ago (and super Unis) I wish Molly all the best with this sorry situation. I'm sure common sense and compromise will finally win through and hopefully Molly can continue her valuable education.



2011-12-01 21:17

This is appalling. If the other student has allergies which I agree can be problem in itself then surely provisions can be made to make sure Molly and her guide dog and the student do not come into contact?


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2011-12-01 23:40

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that was the idea, however, it's been one way traffic, the alleged allergy boy has been in direct contact with Unis lots of times, no reaction!! But Molly must be isolated with Unis because of him!!! It's pathetic ...



2011-12-02 03:41

This is a horrible misuse of power, The school is obviously a school for the disabled so you would think that they of all schools would understand that if she needs a guide dog then she needs a damn guide dog.... ugh this makes me very disgusted.



2011-12-02 20:15

Silly Mary hare what they have done. They always want Mary hare school to be perfect and to show everyone that they think it is a best school and let one girl in hurts and don't even care about it. Would love to see headmaster face on front page on local newspaper again about what he done wrong ;)