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2011-12-12 19:22

I highly advise contacting the Equality and Human Rights Commission if you haven't already done so. This situation is atrocious.

145: "all because someone else believes their needs are more important than another person's life" The school is favouring someone with an allergy (which could be controlled with medication) whilst denying Molly access to her guide dog which in turn could harm Molly due to making her deal with stairs without Unis. As for the white stick, people have to be trained how to use them properly. Part of owning a guide dog is the independence gained, relying on friends defeats the purpose.

148: "not once did you consider the impact that this has on the other pupils of the school" Words fail me.



2011-12-12 22:00

I can comprehend complete about your story .... It is very very shame on them .. If they were in your shoes then they will understand how you did go through for hardship ~~ I do support for dog guide along with u all the times also protect yourself too .....


2011-12-12 22:05

This is all been blown out of proportion. So Molly Watt's mother is an expert on the boy's medical condition? You have absolutely no right to know what's the boy's health condition, it is a private matter. But as far as we are all concerned, from MHGS's official website, it is stated that the boy uses a range of prescribed medications to manage his conditions which may require both him and the school to have to hand the means of dealing with anaphylactic shock.
That means he carry around an injection in case he goes into a shock-that is a medical condition. MHGS HAVE evidence of this boy’s medical condition but cannot reveal the precise details because it is confidential. Again, does Molly's mother have any medical background/degree/expert on medical conditions on allergies and on anaphylactic shock?

Mary Hare has a LEGAL responsible and duty of CARE for this boy. MH stated that they had to reschedule the timetable so the boy and Molly will not cross paths and the only time they will cross path are at the assembly and at Blount Hall. You have absolutely no evidence that boy has come to contact with Molly's dog, the court will dismiss this as hearsay because it is not evident at all unless Molly's mother herself has SEEN the boy walking past the dog and/or have photographical evidence of the boy touching/walking past a dog. Plus a person, who has experienced from anaphylactic shock, would know it is an insufferable experience, would use common sense to avoid coming toward to a dog by all means.

Molly was given two choices, a walking stick or assistance from her friends, both had been rejected by Molly and her mother. Molly has CHOSEN to have a dog and because MH has a LEGAL responsible and duty of CARE to this boy, and as a result, she was put into another room, for 8 hours per week that she has freely CHOSEN to do this. Molly said -this is incredible- she is too "fashion-conscious" to use a walking stick. FASHION CONSCIOUS?! What is more important, the child’s disability and well-being or to be a fashion trend that no one will remember in 50 year time? How a dog with a very bright, green glowing cover with a sign stating ‘Guided dog for the blind’ is less fashion conscious than a discreet, plain white walking stick? Could someone please rationally explain this to me? Unless I have miss a point that having a guided dog wearing a bright glowing cover with a sign stating ‘Guide dog for the blind’ is very in now. Any mothers would do anything to offer alternative choices to ensure her child is happy and well, and to spend as much as time with her friends to socialise as possible over a fashion trend.
And what aid did Molly use before she had a dog that she only had since July? Why is there such a big fuss in having a dog with her all at time when she only had it since July? According to guide dog’s charity that supports MH, pointed out it is not necessary to have a dog with you at all times, 24/7. Is it really insufferable for her not to be with her dog while she is sitting down and eating?
Suppose if Molly did bring her dog to Blount Hall and the boy went into anaphylactic shock, the school had to call the ambulance, inform the boy's parents, all of this terrible distress purely Molly selfishly prefers the dog knowing fully well AWARE of this pupil's medical condition. Never mind what is legal elsewhere like restaurants, public transports, museum that the boy most likely to come to contact with other dogs. This situation is set on the SCHOOL GROUND and the school has a LEGAL responsible and duty of CARE for this boy. Who the boy's parents going to sue? MHGS. Because the school has failed the LEGAL responsible and duty of CARE provided for this boy.

I am going to dismiss this online petition where troll-like behaviour come out to play and threatening this situation to the national press as Daily Fail loves this sort of banter and where journalists have ZERO experiences on guide dogs, the blind and allergies. In fact zero knowledge on almost anything except feed the mass on nonsense lies and gossips.

What I'd love to see is Molly's mother to take this matter to court and see what they'd find on Molly's mother's charity and it's backing financial supports because they will most certainly dig this up and use this against her. And I am sure Molly's mother's face would be priceless when she hears the actual boy's medical condition as this confidential information will be forcibly reveal in court. And if Molly's mother is being very difficult in court and refusing alternative such as walking stick and assistance from her deaf friends, without a doubt, the judge will declare that Molly is no longer a suitable candidate to MHGS and must go to a different school or be home-tutored. All of this against MHGS, a school that supports deaf children for many decades with full backing support from Local Education Authority (LEA), two official guide dog and blind charities, that have been running for many decades and experts on guide dogs for blind people. All in all, you will LOSE this case, through a proper channel with appropriate authorities and officials. You can have all the support from Daily Fail and other newspapers that currently in court for hacking, as you like, but the best and most efficient result is from the court.

It is clear this is down to personality and attitude of this terrible mother, airing this matter to national press, revealing her daughter's personal matter. She is the type of person that she must have it her way and no one else, believe me, when you go to court, you'll realised it won't be your way anymore.

Most of all, I feel sorry for Molly as she lives in a place in her mind that the world is against her, what an appalling attitude for a disabled person to have.

It is her mother that is depriving her daughter's education and it is her mother who led her daughter to depression. And she is shouting to everyone and pointing her finger blaming at everyone around her except her because she knew deep down what a big mess she has created in the first place.

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2011-12-12 23:22

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Guest, it is my understanding that a person must have cane skills already in order to qualify for a guide dog, for the precise reason that if anything happens to the dog even temporarily (illness, operation), the person won't be left without stranded. But I'm willing to stand corrected.


I'm afraid Jane lost me at the comment about Molly's refusing to use a cane because she is "fashion conscious."  Comments like that will not help Molly and only serve to alienate people who would otherwise be sympathetic to Molly's situation.  If that is the sort of reasoning presented to the school in arguing Molly's case, I'm not surprised it went down like a ton of bricks.


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2011-12-13 02:25

#150: Riley - Re: Re:  


please seek fact, there has never been a fatality as a result of a doc allergy - the boys condition remains unconfirmed !! Please understand the facts, then make a fair decision. Thank you,


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2011-12-13 17:15

#153: Anon -

My sentiments exactly, and thank you for writing them down so eloquently.

former student

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2011-12-13 17:40

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I am not signing the petition, and I'll tell you why, allergic can cause death, there's lots of medication around just for this boy!! Molly had the option of cane or assistance from friends, she refused those option. Molly is not a residential student so it is actually not that much without the use of guide dog. at least the school made huge effort in rescheduling the timetable so that the boy will not cross path with molly, so that she can have her dog for majority of the time. sabotaging the school who is a specialist school for the deaf. Molly, you are not blind, you've got usher syndrome, if u can do textile or performing arts at mh, you can cope without the dog for the use of canteen. no other school would have allows you to do textile or performing arts for a levels. be grateful and get your selfish arse back to school or leave in peace!! stop sabotaging the best school that it could have been for you!!!!

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2011-12-13 18:18

#153: Anon -

I agree with these sentiments. Molly's mother appears to think she's Veruca Salt's mum.

Piet Jansen

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2011-12-13 18:29

#153: Anon -

Very right, 153! Fashion conscious? You should be ashamed of yourselves, mother and daughter!


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2011-12-13 20:40

Nothing changes!

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2011-12-13 21:24

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Spoken like a true ex pupil (!) I see that attitudes haven't changed towards pupils with additional needs!
Disgusted - and an ex pupil too!

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2011-12-13 21:26

#157: former student - Re:  

where's your sense if empathy? Put yourself in Molly's shoes before writing this guff! By the way, I wouldn't brag about how great the school is when you write such uneducated, poorly worded statements that stoop down to the use of profanity. The school taught you well!


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2011-12-13 23:34

#162: Disgusted - and an ex pupil too! - Re: Re:

Occurred to you that this person might by dyslexic you pratt?


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2011-12-14 00:08

#153: Anon -  


I think people need facts before being so rude & insensitive, if a doctor signs anybody off anywhere with depression it is cause for concern. Neither Molly nor her mum mentioned fashion accessory or cane to any reporter. Plus why should Molly be made to not use her guidedog by anybody?. It seems very strange that people can assume they know best based on an article in the daily fail. Neither child should be prioritised - this boy has had regular meetings with the guidedog & the teachers dogs that have regularly been on site without reaction! Such things need investigation, before any isolation of everybody!!


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2011-12-14 00:09

#162: Disgusted - and an ex pupil too! - Re: Re:  


just shows ignorance of deafblindness, how sad :(


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2011-12-14 00:16

#153: Anon -  


Anon, may you never have to experience deafblindness or depression. How ignorant of fact you really are - anaphylactic shock is indeed a terrible thing, dog allergy does not cause it. A boy that walks dogs in school and visits friends who own dogs and also uses much smaller rooms and corridors than a school hall is not about to have anaphylactic shock because of the guidedog - highly exaggerated. Anon you need facts before you slate innocent vulnerable people. You should be ashamed and what makes you god to say what Molly and her mother should do? Shameful behaviour indeed.
Disgusted - and an ex- pupil too!

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2011-12-14 01:12

#163: LRManley - Re: Re: Re:  


Becoming verbally abusive loses the argument and just proves my point! The poster was bring very high handed about legalities, going on as if they were a legal expert and they were also abusive to Molly's Mum. I'm sick of hearing of excuses for poor language - if you're Dyslexic ( which I doubt the poster was, as I work with people with Dyslexia and he/she shows no typical traits), or if you're deaf (which incidentally, I am), with the right support and teaching, there is no reason why you cannot have good written English. Maybe consider all this before you just run out of ideas and reduce yourself to name calling.
Disgusted- and an ex-pupil too!

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2011-12-14 01:14

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The voice of reason! Thank you! Isn't it interesting how some of the anti brigade on here have reduced themselves to name calling?


#169 Re: Go on, get it off your chest - spot on by the way.

2011-12-14 01:23

Disgusted - and an ex pupil too!

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2011-12-14 01:25

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I'm sorry -are you referring to my comment? You're right - there is a lot of ignorance about deaf blindness and that is why there are so many comments on here slating Molly. It is my experience of MHGS (as it was at the time) that a number of pupils could not understand additional disabilities and those who had physical disabilities were bullied by the minority. Some of the comments on here, bordering on abusive, from apparently ex pupils, show that this mentality hasn't changed. It is particularly scathing towards mental and emotional health issues and I've seen plenty of comments suggesting that Molly is somehow exaggerating her feelings to gain support and publicity. I find this outrageous - how can people be so arrogant to assume they know how she is feeling? If you are referring to my comment in a negative way, I.e. I am criticising a deaf blind person's written English, no, that certainly was not my intention. I was trying to point out this person was being particularly high handed, seemingly knowing a lot about legalities, yet he/she was abusive to Molly's Mum, calling her "stupid" , yet failed to proof read his post before he hit the reply button. Surely there is irony in that. I wanted to assure you that I am the last person to be ignorant of such issues, I have personal and professional experience.


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2011-12-14 01:28


#172 Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Disgusted - and an ex pupil too! #170, could this be Molly's mum replying?? Mmm

2011-12-14 01:36


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2011-12-14 01:59

#157: former student - Re:

Sorry I can only assume you are a doctor. Have you any idea what Ushers sufferers face. Molly IS blind because of her ushers syndrome. It is a genetic disease that causes blindness just as it has in my wife. Oh by the way silly me I didn't realise you had to see to sew or dance or act..I really should tell my wife to stop.


#174 Tell it like it is.

2011-12-14 02:18

It could be an overbearing mother is the cause of Molly being paraded in the papers as a victim, and if this causes some resentment amongst some of the pupils then we have to ask who is really to blame for that?? In a school where all the children have special educational needs then they are all special, so let's not go down the 'Animal Farm' route and suggest 'some are more special than others'. I am sure that as the National Grammar School for the deaf, Molly is ideally placed at Mary Hare to give her the best possible education a deaf child could have, and statistics will prove that to be the case. If a mother wants to squander that opportunity by insisting their child be treated differently - regardless, then what type of mother would that person be, certainly not one that puts her child's best interests first. No doubt Molly is not the first child to go through MH with Ushers and probably not the last, If the school had worked to make a compromise then Molly's family should say 'thank you' and Molly would have to accept she would be parted from her dog for the time it takes her to eat a meal, not such a big price to pay, and incidentally when Molly is doing a dance routine in performing arts, which I understand is part of the course requirement, who is her partner? I doubt it is her dog, so let common sense prevail and allow Molly to return to school without all this nonsense - or move on. Merry Christmas.
Sheldon Cooper

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2011-12-14 02:24

#170: Disgusted - and an ex pupil too! - Re: Re: Re: Re:  


who is calling the mother 'stupid'? I don't see any comment regarding that quote. seriously this whole thing is off the point, judging people by their written language? I don't care about my language, but I do not appreciate all this insulting about people written language! as for Molly, sorry that you are going into depression. but I have been reading articles from all views, the ban of dog into canteen and big assembly hall were agreed with the blind association. the school had been consulting with guide dog for the blind people and blind association - it is not like the school just made up their own rules. dog not being able to enter the canteen does not restrict YOU from using the canteen with your friends. everyone I know are very upset with the fact that these campaign had to be known to the world. it is not giving justice for Molly but arguments/debate between people. this could simply be dealt with watt family, school, blind association and if desperate the court. I wonder how many of these comments are written by molly's mother and why she is not using her name!