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2011-12-02 21:36

calvin carruthers


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2011-12-02 22:48

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Has he been on the front page before? What for I wonder!?


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2011-12-03 09:29

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1055 is just amazing :)


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2011-12-03 11:49

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The campaign is all about fairness & truth. The school have acted appallingly. One pupil having access to education and the other with a nervous breakdown - duty of care is for all !!!
Angry law student

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2011-12-04 02:28

#89: Proud ex MHGS -

'A sickening campaign'? Do you truely, and honestly, believe that Molly and her mother are wrong to be taking action against breaches of Molly's rights to aid? This 'boohoo' of which you speak has caused Molly and her family stress, frustration, and hardship, not to mention a severe impact on her education - again, another human right which, in this circumstance, has been breached. Obviously, I cannot deny the help that the school has given to children in the past; but this discrimination of which Molly is facing is completely unreasonable. Many other commentors on this petition have posed the argument that Molly having extremely limited access to her guide dog Unis is comparable to the deaf students at the school having restricted access to their hearing aids and equipment. As one can see, they are different in circumstance to a degree - however, the circumstances retain the same principle. Having this discrimination put upon Molly and her disability is outrageous, and the school's actions in discriminating against her - as well as the disgraceful conduct of some of the students attending the school currently - is completely atrocious.

The school cannot suffer as much 'damage' as Molly and her family have had to suffer. Your frankly absurd comments (not to mention completely biased towards the school in question) are entirely unjustified, and your last remark about how Molly should not return on the basis that 'the campaign has done damage to the school' is utterly shameful and unprincipled. In my opinion, to be a 'Proud ex MHGS' is 'sickening', not Molly's rightful campaign in securing justice. I know that a lot of people signing this petition will feel the same way as I do - I, for one, will not stand for unreasonable, unjustified, and unlawful discrimination against Molly or on a general level full-stop. The school should be ashamed of themselves for not adhering with the moral principles of the school's primary aim - to help those children and teenagers with severe or limiting disabilities to experience an equal education as those without disabilities. There is a duty of care and responsibility on those who run the school to provide this education, and in not doing so are breaching human rights and their legal obligations in providing indiscriminate aid and help.

Apologies for the long comment, but I feel strongly in helping Molly and her family with their cause. I wish you all the best in your campaign for justice - I will support you every step of the way.


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2011-12-04 10:37

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Thank you for putting into words just how we feel. We are not a millitant bunch, we want nothing more than fairness and full access for Molly and Unis who are now one and the same. Molly was good enough to try this ridiculously unfair compromise, it has made her clinically depressed, surely with that medical information on record and up to date, their duty if care to her means there had to be change!? The school did nothing but insist on Molly continuing what for her had become a completely I tolerable situation, clearly unacceptable and actually cruel. Medical evidence for Molly says no way could she return to isolation! The school have taken no notice of any medical advice and have bullied her out of education - outrageous.


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2011-12-06 19:10

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OMG :-/



2011-12-08 01:21

Fully supportive of Molly and her family stand.
Molly is entitled to full time education without any restrictions imposed on her.
Lidia Best
Board Member of EFHOH
European Federation of Hard of Hearing



2011-12-08 01:25

Don't give up !! Keep Going :)


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2011-12-08 09:24

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Thank you Lydia, can you believe a school for those with special needs can be so insensitive to one child with so many issues. The school should not have said they could meet her needs if it meant their methods would lead her to a nervous breakdown. It should also be clear the school isolated Molly for over 8 hours a week - that they call it 1 hour & 15 minutes & that that is "reasonable adjustment" why not be truthful!!?


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2011-12-09 03:45

#89: Proud ex MHGS -

I,m sadden to believe you think that school has done a favour to molly as she is deaf/blind....
to my knowlege the school status change from just being a deaf only school a few years back
as a measure against closure and in order to remain open.
n ow in doing so is require to cater for all level and mean of disabililty it accept through its doors
and reasonable adjustment does not come into it as the 2006 act clearly states .
Any damage being done to school reputation is there own doing not by molly or her parents or this
petition, to single out molly and her guide dog and remove any right s how ever long is wrong and
pure discrimination against molly and her guide dog .



2011-12-09 13:38

This all so wrong. Molly Watts need's her guide dog to give her freedom/indepdance .with her at all times. Molly has enough problems in her life with out all this. As a mum of a deafblind person this is another case of still have to fight for our children rights. Good luck Molly and the Watt family



2011-12-09 23:13

I would ask the school error on the side of caution but more importantly compassion, using great diligence to avoid treating Molly not only as a second class citizen but impeding on her rights of liberty. Very sad, very wrong, and the school still has the opportunity to reverse the injustice and make things right.



2011-12-10 16:04

signed the petition,good luck,x


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2011-12-11 14:40

#137: - Re: Molly has now been out of school since 3 November, the school are fully aware she has depression and under Doctor's ordrs may not return to the school without change - the duty of care to both pupils is supposed to be equal - however, one child is in school and the other isn't - doesn't seem to equal to me.  The school have clearly dismissed Molly's recent medical evidence!!




2011-12-11 19:16

Be proud Molly, I'm hoping the school will see sense and drop this rule banning Unis from the dining room. Am glad your mum is fighting your cause for you, don't give in!
The boy with the supposed allergy needs to prove this and have an up to date certificate issued if this is the case and ensure he has an epi-pen and other precautionary items. If he refuses then further action should be taken til he produces evidence, the school's actions have been discriminatory against Molly at the very least. Good luck and hope you have a wonderful Christmas!



2011-12-11 19:20

Do something urgently !

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2011-12-11 20:49

I feel very sorry for Molly but she has chosen to place herself in isolation by refusing to accept help from friends or use a cane for the short time she would need to eat and be separated from the Guide Dog she's only owned for a short time. Better to ask for help than risk the life of another. I have had anaphylactic shock and would not wish anyone else to risk that or die from it, all because someone else believes their needs are more important than another person's life. Incidentally, I don't have a medical certificate which states my two potentially fatal allergies, I also don't know of anyone who suffers from serious allergies who has a certificate.



2011-12-11 22:01

Hope sensible solution found soon, Molly deserves better

#147 a beautiful girl

2011-12-11 22:23

Beggars belief, what a beautiful girl, a shining star, with a very difficult future and as usual met with the appalling attitude towards disability by wretched people. These obstacles are happening to her for a purpose, she will rise above it. Gl Molly x



2011-12-11 23:48

I'm appalled that this has made front page of the Daily Mail. Yes I feel for Molly and her problems, but not once did you consider the impact that this has on the other pupils of the school. I have a son at Mary Hare and he and several of his friends are very upset that this has reached this stage. I think that this is a personal issue for Molly's mother and it is sad that this has to stoop this low to create publicity for her deaf/blind daughter and to have her disability known nationwide.
It would have been so much easier to have a proper adult discussion with the school than embarrass your daughter further by taking it to national press as the majority of the reader's comments also feel the same.


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2011-12-12 08:00

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the facts are that Molly is bot refusing to go to school, depression as a result of over 8 hours of isolation has made her unable to return to school. The second fact is nobody ever died of anaphylactic shock as a result of a dog allergy FACT. The alleged allergy is just that, ALLEGED, there is no proof of allergy as there is no up to date evidence. It is a Shane people make comment unaware of facts !! Why should batboy be pushed from school without good reason?

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2011-12-12 09:04

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Who is batboy??


At the end of the day, it is Molly's education that is going to suffer in such an important year due to her and her mother's intransigence.  Her mother has stated that Molly does not want to use a cane because she is "fashion conscious".  That is a CHOICE!  The other student does NOT have a choice in whether he has a life threatening allergy to dogs.  Guide dog owners are required to have advanced long cane guiding skills for a REASON.  No student should be allowed to hold a school to ransom because they are "fashion conscious" and unwilling to compromise.  She can collect her lunch aided by her friends and eat in the other room with her friends.  No need for "isolation". No need for all the hystrionics in the press.