Justice 4 Deafblind Guidedog Owner Molly Watt - age 17


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2011-12-09 03:45

#89: Proud ex MHGS -

I,m sadden to believe you think that school has done a favour to molly as she is deaf/blind....
to my knowlege the school status change from just being a deaf only school a few years back
as a measure against closure and in order to remain open.
n ow in doing so is require to cater for all level and mean of disabililty it accept through its doors
and reasonable adjustment does not come into it as the 2006 act clearly states .
Any damage being done to school reputation is there own doing not by molly or her parents or this
petition, to single out molly and her guide dog and remove any right s how ever long is wrong and
pure discrimination against molly and her guide dog .