Justice 4 Deafblind Guidedog Owner Molly Watt - age 17

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2011-11-06 20:40

Lead the way Molly, hold your head high :)



2011-11-06 20:53

This school should be ashamed of itself



2011-11-06 20:55

Please help and take 5 minutes and sign this petition if we don't make a stand and say no to discrimination now, they will only allow this discrimination to carry on.



2011-11-06 21:16

This young lady and her darling Guide Dog Unis who has given Molly a new lease of life ,have been having such a bad time at this school. I have four children and I would like to think I would be as strong as Jane to fight for my childs right if there is any sort of injustice!!!!



2011-11-06 21:24

Disgusted at this schools actions and no proof of the allergy! Molly I do not know you personally but through other things I have read and heard you are a strong girl, and as someone else said hold your head high, you deserve so much more than the small minded individuals in that school xx



2011-11-06 21:32

Molly I hope this helps. Sarah told me all about this. Hope you get the result you are hoping for. x



2011-11-06 21:38

As former Head Boy - I'm disgusted to be associated to this school at this moment in time.



2011-11-06 21:51

i just hope that something gets done soon, love Harley Guide Dog and Bill human slave, Ayrshire scotland,



2011-11-06 22:01

This is an outrage. This school needs to face up to it's responsibilities to ALL his students. If one of the students has an allergy then the students should have to prove it or shut up.



2011-11-06 22:12

Justice for MOLLY.



2011-11-06 22:26

Please everyone show your support and get justice for Molly so she can lead a full life with her Guide Dog



2011-11-06 22:28

Good luck, support you all the way



2011-11-06 22:43

this school should be ashamed of themselves, they don't know what deafblind is like, Molly MUST have her guide dog to guide her. And they shouldn't ban the guide dogs from school. Guide dogs are WORKING dogs NOT pet!!!



2011-11-06 22:50

it is a disgrace to treat anyone in this way let alone a child who has lost her confidence and independence that she was just gaining because of her guide dog.



2011-11-06 22:55

please sign this petition, my own son is deaf blind and life is hard enough for this young woman without discrimination being added to it.



2011-11-06 23:10

This is not the school that I used to know, and I am very sorry to hear that this is how Mary Hare has ended up! I am afraid that Mary Hare has lost its grass roots and is starting to get too big for it's boots. The core objectives for any child especially at boarding school is to make it an enjoyable one not a nightmare by the staff.



2011-11-06 23:12

Their appears to have been no advice sought from medical advisors, no risk assessments, no advice from the consultant of the child with allergies, no risk assessment. The governing body needs to take action, preferably suspending the senior management team at the school pending investigations into this gross misconduct.



2011-11-06 23:15

Disgusting! If there is no proof of this 'allergy' then there is no need for this at all!


2011-11-06 23:19

It's utterly shocking, that a deafblind school would actually disallow guide dogs because of one pupil's supposed allergy without any proof! I thought mainstream schools were bad enough for their despicable actions but this is just wrong.
if what I heard was true, about the allergy pupil having walked teacher's dogs and the likes; then they should be expelled for lying, cause it sounds like they're doing it out of spite for Molly than a genuine allergy.



2011-11-06 23:28

We are all behind you xx



2011-11-06 23:46

Please sign this...



2011-11-06 23:52

disgusting behaviour for a school !



2011-11-07 00:07

If Molly has a statement of special needs, and this states that that she needss to have her dog with her at all times, the school must adhere to this, I hope you can find a resolution to this soon. Best of luck. x



2011-11-07 00:09

disgusting the way the school has treated Molly discrimination is definately not in the headteachers vocab



2011-11-07 00:22

This shocking discrimation of such an amazing beautiful young lady can not go unpunished