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Kaidy koo


2013-10-21 13:31

This can not happen!



2013-10-21 15:49




2013-10-21 16:00

I dont agree with this mosque yhat wants to be built right near my home.



2013-10-21 16:06

I disagree with the misque wanting to be built I live round the corner from it.



2013-10-21 16:07

I live round the corner of the place and dont agree with it.



2013-10-21 16:08

Do not agree with this



2013-10-21 16:18

I disagree with the misque wanting to be built I live round the corner



2013-10-21 16:28

I just simply dont agree with it.



2013-10-21 16:41

This Mosque should not be allowed due to the problems it will bring to the area. This is another kick in the teeth by Tameside Council for the residents of Tameside. There are enough Mosques in Tameside for the muslims to worship. This may bring Trouble to the area with protests. Stop it now.
Denton red


2013-10-21 16:45

we have enough mosques in Tameside this is 1 that isn't needed



2013-10-21 16:48

The planning application of this building states it is to be used as a multi faith community centre, I can not see the need for such and very much doubt it will be used as this as we already have plenty of churches that have room for community use/hire, it is also within a stones throw of the council run civic hall which was the old market hall which is there for community use/hire. Allowing this planning application through would, in my own opinion, be a bad decision. The building is on a very busy road which is already pushed to it's limits at key times throughout the day, there are also schools nearby. Allowing this planning application will only add to the problem. Also I see that on the website of the applicants Is wanting it to be an education centre, understanding Islam, how is this multi faith?? And also if this centre is allowed to go ahead, the council is allowing the Muslim community to segregate themselves from local communities again, there are already plenty of schools in the area. I totally object to this application.



2013-10-21 16:54

We don't want a bloody mosque !!!!!!

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2013-10-21 16:55



2013-10-21 17:01

we do not need a facility like this in the heart of stalybridge.



2013-10-21 17:07

There are to many Mosque in Tameside Stalybridge has managed to stay free of them



2013-10-21 17:25

There's already. HUGE one in Ashton under Lyne, that is bad enough.



2013-10-21 17:25

We currently do not have a significant Muslim community in Stalybridge, so do not have any need for this. Unless of course this is step 1 to move a load of unwanted immigrants into our quiet town. Go to Ashton, Hyde or Oldham. Anybody signing this petition - maybe you should think about voting for UKIP in elections in May, Tameside have UKIP candidates - lets get the labour idiots out for good!!!



2013-10-21 17:28

If they want a mosque they should go and build it in their own country, Britain is Christian.

#19 Re:

2013-10-21 17:29

#17: -

Ukip have "asian" candidates standing all over the country.




2013-10-21 17:35

there`s already a purpose built mosque just down the road in ashton u lyne.



2013-10-21 17:48

We cater enough for ethnic minority. Our country is being taken over

#22 no no no no

2013-10-21 17:49

do they need any more mosques they got some in hyde not a chance can they take over stalybridge aswell thats my birth town xx



2013-10-21 17:50

We dont need a mosque in stslybridge. There are enough in tameside



2013-10-21 18:00

Couldn't think of a worse possible place to build a mosque and with eid celebrations every year this would cause utter chaos and there's more than enough in Tameside as it is we don't need anymore



2013-10-21 18:09

this will only bring more problems to the area. there are enough mosques in Tameside to accommodate the muslim community. as we are aware these places of "worship" are often used to spread hatred and train terrorist. lets hope the council uses COMMONSENSE and rejects this application.