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2013-10-21 22:14

The above comment is racist.



2013-10-21 22:18

How is it racist


#78 Stalybridge Mosque

2013-10-21 22:23

So there are at least 588 racists in Stalybridge.............what pathetic bigoted people you are,I'm ashamed that my family comes from here.


#79 Re:

2013-10-21 22:29

#17: -

Suggest your racist ideology may be more suited to the EDL or BNP



2013-10-21 22:29

Nothing against religion etc, just the wrong place in an already close and busy community



2013-10-21 22:39

Iv had enough of this crap people branding people racists because they don't want a mosque please tell me how this is racist . Can somebody please explain this to me #77 maybe you could tell me.


#82 Re:

2013-10-21 22:46

#81: -

If you need it explaining maybe you shouldn't be able to vote.



2013-10-21 22:54

we all ready have enough mosque



2013-10-21 23:02

Why is it racist, any of these strange folk who say its racist are welcome to comment. Surely we have freedom to express our personal opinions, dislikes etc, that is our choice and our right



2013-10-21 23:03

I am supporting this petition as it is in a congested area to begin with and there are already community centres in the area. Obviously not alot of thought put into this ,council trying to rush things once again.



2013-10-21 23:04

You are trying to bully us with the word racist- labelling us for expressing our opinions. We do not label you who favour the mosque



2013-10-21 23:06

This a petition against a mosque, if you don't like it back off and make your own petition. Weirdos



2013-10-21 23:08

Every one who wants the mosque are clearly extremists and every one against it well ur all clearly racists !
Ridiculous y don't we stick a church in west end as there's as much need for that as there is a mosque in stalybridge

#89 Re: Stalybridge Mosque

2013-10-21 23:09

#78: - Stalybridge Mosque

nothing racist about it bad area planning some people so quick to pull the racist card though.



2013-10-21 23:11

Stalybridge is a small town and has no need for a mosque/ multi race community centre. And to all the people that say we are only petitioning because its a mosque I would be doing the same if it where a McDonalds, primark or even another church etc. maybe we should concentrate on what the community actually needs like a community centre that has nothing to do with religion where the elderly can meet up or where the youth can go etc. a place that benefits all not just a group of people.



2013-10-21 23:26

well said 90


#92 enough is enough

2013-10-21 23:35

i live near the biggest mosque in great britain and every friday its complete chaos in Morden surrey, the parking situation is horrendous and if the mosque is full then they will pray on the streets. I also witnesses the muslims using the asda carpark in hyde cheshire cheering the 7/7 london bombing. a mosque in stalybridge would completely destroy the character of the place.



2013-10-22 00:16

Muslim people have more than their fair share of our country without poisoning our landscape with another hidious building ... Stalybridge is our town and we can also do without listening to their wailing 6 times a day... They have a mosque and a community centre in Ashton under lyne... Enough is enough!!!

#95 Re:

2013-10-22 00:17

#76: -

Racist? can you also be racist if you hate the church? deluded left wing thought process.



2013-10-22 00:30

The Pineapple should be an historical site, not a mosque.



2013-10-22 08:48

No need for another mosque in the area there is more than enough, for gods sake build something our chidren and youth can enjoy.All this will do is spread fear and mistrust the mistrust being against the council someones been paid off.



2013-10-22 09:16

theres two many



2013-10-22 10:40

I oppose the mosque as will cause major trouble in the area! Constant policing will be essential as the locals won't be happy! Its a white area, and we don't want racial tension!!



2013-10-22 10:48

how did planning go 'unnoticed' !????