Say no to stalybridge mosque

It's come to my attention planning permission has been granted for a mosque on Kenworthy Street Stalybridge, in what was the Pineapple pub.
The planning has managed to go unnoticed as it says "community centre" on planning.
Community Centre can cover the following:
Youth centre
Meeting hall for mums & tots, weightwatchers etc
And ...
Place of worship i.e Mosque

The property sold for £178,000 + VAT
The centre will be open 7am - 11pm .... Library I think not.

This building is on a road with 2 schools, tescos, petrol station, car show room, 2 salons, a new resteraunt is on process of being built. Not to mention all the homes and number of pubs. Not only will this add to the already heavy traffic load. But I'm sure will annoy many residents who already complain of parking as the only way in and out of mosque is through highly built up residential area. Not only that the centre got knocked back as a centre for the disabled yet a similar use of facility is being allowed ? Just to clarify this protest is not against the fact it is a mosque but for people who use the road, live close, children attend local school and will be effected by added traffic and already minimum parking ! Not only that ... As it's a big residential area with lots of elderly people (inc old peoples home) I think it's unfair on them whilst the 2 storey extension is being built. The noise pollution / dust from the building work is unfair. Children use this road to cross. And as it was pointed out in the newspaper the centre will be used for prayers 5 times a day ! Busy road already ! Now adding more traffic This is not a racial / religious petition ! 23/10/2013 Tameside advertiser confirmed building will be used as mosque.