Rink Hockey to be considered for the Olympic Games

Rink_Hockey_2.jpgI am adding my name to this petition for Rink Hockey to be considered for the 2028 Olympic Games, as I believe it would be an excellent addition to the Olympic sports.  

Rink Hockey is played by both males and females, young and old. It encompasses all the skills and requirements found in other Olympic events, with the added excitement of speed, teamwork, and entertainment, all while players perform these feats of athleticism on roller skates.  

Even as a spectator event, Rink Hockey is wildly entertaining and is rapidly gaining popularity on social networks, thanks to improvements in the Internet and social media. Additionally, the resurgence of roller skating, especially since the lockdown, has contributed to its fashionability. Clubs around the world are nearing capacity for new players.  

Rink Hockey is played worldwide under various names and can be played both outdoors and indoors, utilizing existing arenas and sports halls.  

It offers non-stop, end-to-end action. As a TV event, the game's senior matches consist of two twenty-five-minute halves and present an ideal opportunity to attract younger and new viewers.  

Rink hockey was included in the 1992 Olympic Games as a demonstration sport, but it was challenging to watch and film due to the floor's colour and the ball's speed with the outdated camera technology of that time.  

I add my name with the hope that this sport will finally receive the recognition that the sport and its athletes deserve.

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