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2013-10-22 17:44



2013-10-22 18:04

The community dosent want or need a mosque it's ridiculous stalybridge is a small town and I think tameside is perthetic for letting it happen it will spoil a town that they r trying to improve and the house prices will go down aswell we have a really nice community in this area and it will be spoilt with trouble and more ttraffic



2013-10-22 18:27

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you're racist. If it didn't require me to input my personal details into the site I would report you for offensive material. As it stands I don't want any affiliation to this petition whatsoever so would rather this racism didn't link back to my own personal details.



2013-10-22 18:29

"I vote UKIP but I'm not racist."


BTW saying Muslims come here to claim free money etc then you're prejudice. Prejudices based on race or colour = racism.

Bit of free education for you there Mr UKIP, now get out of MY country.



2013-10-22 18:35

Too many in the surrounding areas have one major mosques not lots all over the place so we can monitor whats being preached and that only peaceful sermons are carried out and not hate sermons against the hand that feeds them and welcomes them into our country



2013-10-22 19:19

No need for a mosque, inadequate amount of muslims in the area for it to be beneficial to the whole community. Building a mosque is a waste of land that could quite frankly serve more use as a car park.


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2013-10-22 19:25

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Lucky it's not a mosque then isn't it. It's a centre for people to educate and meet. Mosques require much more planning permission than this and a much larger space.

I don't call the conservative club a church because people of another race and faith meet there.


You can't just refer to every building a Muslim occupies as a Mosque. You are petitioning against something which isn't happening and you are making yourselves look foolish and uneducated in the process.


I wonder what the response would be to a school for those of the Jewish faith to attend? Would you insist there wasn't enough of a community based on those you see of the 'right' skin colour? Would you claim they are trouble causers and insist that only bad things can come of it? Or would you accept it because you are more comfortable with the teachings (as you have been taught them.) Same goes for a school for Buddhists or any other faith. This feels targeted and makes for uncomfortable reading.



2013-10-22 19:31

This is our country....we are losing our grip on it. There are enough Mosques in this country. There will be no room for us soon.



2013-10-22 19:59

I strongly believe that no more mosques should be built until there is an effective form of regulation in place such as Ofsted in schools - this is to prevent the spread of extreme/militant islam in the UK - a very real and growing threat that our Government is choosing to ignore!



2013-10-22 20:03

Stalybridge is so small town. Have you any idea how many mosques are around London? They don't exist to spread hate and there isn't racial tension for the most part. This petition is just fear. You don't like what you don't understand. A community centre and education centre is a great way to tackle this and prove that the community can grow
fed up of being mugged off


2013-10-22 20:15

There are already far to many mosques in tameside and in my oppion this gives ample opportunity for muslims to worship should they so wish. As for people saying we are all closet racists, I say you are the narrowminded and selfish ones thinking you can do as you please all the time. Nobody would object to a church being built because here in Great Britain we are a christian nation so that is an absolutely pointless argument on your part! It's also besides the point because thats not what we are talking about here is it? building another mosque is just as unnecessary as another church and so NO THIS SHOULD NOT BE PASSED



2013-10-22 20:19

So we are racist for having an oppinion that may offend you? What planet are you from? Last time I looked Britain had free speech so bore off. If you don't like it, don't sign simple as



2013-10-22 21:10

You're not racist for having an opinion. Lots of these comments aren't racist but lots are. You can't have an opinion that says Muslims cause trouble and bring negativity to towns and say you're not racist


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2013-10-22 21:40

The Muslim Community seem to want to squander what community spirit they have left on a project which will bring them into dispute with the local community, this high profile building will not enhance their cause, but deliberately set the local indigenous population against them



2013-10-22 21:58

It's only high profile because the local community is hostile.

FYI this isn't a legitimate petition. Petitions have to be regulated themselves and this is anonymous which means it doesn't stand up. Try and set this up on the gov site and see if it stands up(it wont)



2013-10-22 21:59

why.. whats up with the ones in ashton and hyde oldham mossley



2013-10-22 22:11

The petition is not anonymous ! I have sent all links to council they known I'm the author and have all my information
Iv also had GMP on the phone who are aware of petition and told me to keep doing what I'm doing! I can assure you the correct people are aware of this petition !



2013-10-22 22:16

we don't need any thank you we are peaceful and most of us respect women



2013-10-22 22:18

There is already a huge one in Ashton, so I believe that this is enough.

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2013-10-22 22:20

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2013-10-22 22:24

Yes but comments and 'signatures' aren't verified.

If the council told you to keep going because they didn't agree with the mosque then I imagine they're in some pretty big trouble as that's influencing a decision. I will investigate and I imagine negate the argument further.


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2013-10-22 22:25

#148: BRIDGE LAD -

Yup. You're racist.