Most popular petitions in UK in 2021

  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Language: English
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Change in the law regarding dog on dog attacks. Have a dangerous dog that killed.our chihuahua destroyed.

Created: 2021-07-09 Statistics

In Support of Academic Freedom of Expression and Critical Thought

Created: 2021-02-27 Statistics

Lets turn Penybont Primary School caretakers home into a family and education hub!

Created: 2021-12-01 Statistics

Improving Dartford Canal Path between Mill Pond Road and Home Gardens

Created: 2021-03-11 Statistics

Interest in a Crisis Café in Market Harborough

Created: 2021-01-02 Statistics

40mph speed limit between Henfield and Woods Mill, A2037

Created: 2021-05-30 Statistics

Allow hospitality venues to open as workspaces for remote workers

Created: 2021-02-15 Statistics

Pavements on popular walking routes in Eccleston, Lancs

Created: 2021-04-07 Statistics

Stop killing trees in Brent by Council

Created: 2021-09-11 Statistics

Keep west college Scotland nursery open

Created: 2021-12-28 Statistics

Woodland Trust - Hurst Wood - re current work project

Created: 2021-07-25 Statistics

Halvempi koronavirustesti omiin kotimaihinsa matkustaville! Affordable Covid19-test for travelers reaching their own home countries!

Created: 2021-05-09 Statistics

Petition on the continuation of refunds Soliris in the treatment of a rare disease Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria (PNH)

Created: 2021-04-23 Statistics

Margaret Beckett MUST Resign as Chair of NEC for unacceptable language

Created: 2021-03-12 Statistics

Petition for the protection of the Vltavska metro station concrete cascades spot

Created: 2021-06-06 Statistics

Stop current plans to redevelop the Avanti Park Early Years outdoor area until a meaningful consultation with parents/carers can be carried out

Created: 2021-03-23 Statistics

Linear Park Liveable Neighbourhood

Created: 2021-07-31 Statistics


Created: 2021-05-31 Statistics

Petition to Increase the safety of Haven Banks Play Park

Created: 2021-01-02 Statistics

Review the Alun School policy - students wearing piercings

Created: 2021-10-05 Statistics