Woodland Trust - Hurst Wood - re current work project

The Woodland Trust in Hurst Wood, Tunbridge Wells have recently fenced off the lower access path along the stream, created a bridge in the middle section and blocked off the further path to the far bridge, which they have removed. I understood from my communications with them that this was to allow the flora and fauna to recover, as they believed that the banks had been destroyed by dog activity. I assumed at the time this was temporary but I now understand they are hoping people will forget all about it and that these paths will fall into disuse naturally.  

Having spoken to others it seems that people are upset about the loss of the lower path as well as the loss of the pathway and bridge at the far end of the wood.  

Speaking as a regular walker, I’m sure all any of us wanted was a new bridge that was long enough and high enough to accommodate the winter floods enabling us to do a full route around the entire wood. I was dismayed to learn that they have no plans to reinstate this bridge or to remove the fences so have put this petition together.  

On behalf of all those signing this petition we would ask that an improved bridge be reinstated and that the paths be kept open. We would ask that they find other ways to protect the banks without losing access.

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