Review the Alun School policy - students wearing piercings

I am asking the Alun school to reconsider the schools policy regarding piercings. For the following reasons; 

Sixth formers and staff members are permitted to have piercings- If all students are equal why can sixth formers wear them but other years can’t?  

Piercings, like hair dye, are often a form of self expression.  Having piercings often makes others look different and stand out from the crowd, this could teach people not to discriminate others based on how they look/express themselves. Allowing piercings could make others not develop this type of behaviour, as a society we need to accept others for who they are.  

Policies like this are outdated and not permitted in the majority of workplaces, as that would count as discrimination.  

For most piercings (eg. Facial or cartilage) you need parents permission for, how does the school have authority to override this decision? 

Having piercings in your ear, nose or anywhere doesn’t effect your ability to learn.  

Health and safety- Any piercing can be taken out, or covered up with a plaster, during P.E.  You are allowed to wear one stud, how would wearing anymore make it a health and safety risk? The policy contradicts itself. I personally, as well as others, believe “health and safety” is not a plausible argument. As you don’t do any physical activity in lessons, unless it’s P.E, so how is there a ‘health and safety’ risk?  

The  schools policy permits students  to  dye their hair  and to wear makeup, which for some is a form of self expression. If this is allowed why not piercings?    

The pandemic has caused a lot of disruption and has had a detrimental effect on students mental and emotional health, is punishing students for wearing piercings really necessary? Especially for those students already struggling to have the strength to attend school because of anxiety. Wouldn’t them worrying about getting their piercing covered be even more stressful for them?  

Telling students to go to the office, for plasters to cover their earrings, can be time consuming for them and the staff in the office. It’s disruptive and more distracting than having piercings, instead this time could be used for more productive activities other than policing students.  

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