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Where is the Play?

Nottinghamshire  County Council is proposing to eliminate play from their agenda in full, a decision which will be heavily detriment the community of Nottinghamshire. Play is a fun medium for a child’s growth and development, through play we can experience new things, build new social bonds and learn valuable life  skills. If the proposed cuts go ahead, all of this will be eradicated, and a  generation of children will grow up without play. The impact on society will  be huge, and the impact on

Created: 2013-11-14 Statistics

Petition for Single Agency for the Support of Survivors of Abuse

It seems that it is almost every week there is a report of how a child has suffered in an abusive home and has been failed by the very agencies that are in place in the UK to prevent this happening. Time and again the reports show that it is there is not a single cause for children not being properly protected, rather it is a series of tragic omissions by those who should be safeguarding them. Our current system is failing in so many respects. Please add your support by signing this on-line peti

Created: 2013-12-06 Statistics

Save Newport Cadet Centre

Newport Shropshire’s Army Cadet Force Detachment is at serious risk of their Cadet Centre on Audley Avenue in Newport being closed and demolished due to possible redevelopments at Burton Borough School. This would see a 75% fall in membership and have a large impact on the surrounding community. Please sign our petition to Support the Army Cadets and help to save their Building or atleast until appropriate replacement accommodation is found. The Army Cadet Force is a voluntary youth organisation

Created: 2013-11-24 Statistics

Save Douglas Valley Nursery

Help us save the babies and toddlers room at Douglas Valley Nursery from closure by putting your name down on the petition.

Created: 2013-10-11 Statistics


This petition is to stop the removal of the clock on the Nag's head corner in Kirkby-in-Ashfield.

Created: 2013-11-10 Statistics

Save the Bay Horse Barlby

Please sign our petition to save our local pub.The the Bay Horse in Barlby is a family friendly pub in a quiet village just outside of Selby. Planning has been applied for to knock down the pub and build 13 houses. Hopefully if we can get enough signatures we can stop it.

Created: 2013-08-30 Statistics

Swinley Drive Safety

This is a petition to Swindon Borough Council to put in some safety measures on Swinley Drive. Currently there are no safe places to cross this road.  The two allocated crossings are on a blind corner and 100 yards after this corner. The traffic island by the shops will not fit a pram with mother on let alone a second/third child on a school run. With the expected increase in traffic from the Ridgeway farm housing estate which will join Swinley Drive we are petitioning for a safe crossing and or

Created: 2013-11-05 Statistics

wolverhampton micropub

Morton Brewery are pleased to announce that they now have a 'Micropub' in the planning stage. If you are not aware of this new type of drinking establishment please look at for the full story. but the basics are: • conversion of a closed shop • small in size, 30 - 40 persons • limited service, usually real ale/cider only • limited trading hours • reasonable prices • no music • no television • no hot food • no electronic machines So its mainly "good ale and conversat

Created: 2013-04-30 Statistics

SMC Cares?

St Mary's College, Blackburn has discontinued its counselling service which for many pupils is an essesntial part of their college life due to not being able to afford to hire even a part time counsellor. The college has money to spend on seldom used iPads, industrial printers that are used to their minimum capacity because staff do not know how to use them, £1000 grants to a selection of pupils who do exceptionally well at GCSE, extention of the college WiFi, smoking shelters and revamping of a

Created: 2013-09-12 Statistics

Traffic lights at crossing of Malden Road Cheam

The undersigned demand a full enquiry into safety matters at the junction of Malden Road and Chatsworth Road in Cheam, Sutton. Serious risks are faced by children and adults crossing at this point, either to access the two schools in Chatsworth Road or to enter the park at the end of Popinjay's Row. A serious accident has already happened at this point. A zebra crossing is inadequate and traffic calming measures and a pelican crossing are required to prevent a fatality at this junction.

Created: 2013-12-19 Statistics

Free Transport to for Imberhorne Upper children from Crawley Down

The Government dictate that ALL school age children who live over 3 miles away from their school by the nearest available route should be entitled to free school transport. In Crawley Down, most children do live more than 3 miles away and meet this criteria, except when the Worth Way is added into the equation as an available route. As a parent, this infuriates me, particularly in the winter months when this route is frankly unsafe and potentially dangerous! PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION AND SHARE I

Created: 2013-11-20 Statistics

Build A Pavement For The NMG

Every time Ilkeston Football Club has a home game hundreds of pedestrians including children and the elderly are forced to work along an uneven, sloping, and occasionally very slippery grass verge alongside a busy road. We believe that one day a serious accident will occur and request that Derbyshire County Council construct a pavement linking the entrance of the football ground with the canal bridge on Awsworth Road, Ilkeston.

Created: 2013-05-24 Statistics

Make Kilwinning Safe Again

Dear friends it is the opinion of many Kilwinning folk that our town is no longer our own, in the last year we have had 1 An armed robbery at a supermarket 2 RS Mc Colls in the town was broken into and cigarette and lottery cards stolen 3 A theft of two charity boxes from a church which resulted in a stabbing " 45mins and three separate calls" before police arrived 4 Two recent serious assaults in the space of two weekends 5 And the vandalism of a World War 1 memorial and an acient ruin of an ab

Created: 2013-10-21 Statistics


Vale of Glamorgan have recently opened a Consultation on the future of Penarth Libary. This can be found at the Vale of Glamorgan Council website and is open for on-line completion before 15/12/13. The underlying rationale, of course, seems to be a financial consideration rather than any considerations for improving the benefits of the Libary to the local community. The existence of the Libary undoubtedly also provides an economic benefit to the community as well as providing an essential resour

Created: 2013-11-24 Statistics


Dear Mr Cameron, For many years now in the UK the Hardworking Taxpayer is having to foot the bill to house Murderers, Child Killers and Peadophiles in our Jails and quite frankly we have had enough! These people are no use to our Society and are a big expense and are wasting the fresh air we need to breathe, one solution can sort this problem...BRING BACK THE DEATH PENALTY!   Here is just a few names who would be elegible for this sentence and deep down i'm sure you agree! 1) Ian Huntley 2) Mark

Created: 2013-12-18 Statistics

Action against Whitburn Health Clinic

The People of our town are standing up to the disgraceful way we are treated from both staff & Doctors at Whitburn Clinic. The lack of compassion & empathy is appalling towards people who are ill, frightened & need help. This is not a page for people to just bad mouth staff or doctors but to help our community receive the service we need.

Created: 2013-11-18 Statistics


On the 30th April I recieved this email from a producer of Celebrity Juice. It basically says Im not a big enough Celebrity to go on Celebrity Juice. I need your help to sign this petition to say youd rather me be on the show than some on the 5min reality show celebs that are on each week. The boost it could give the charity would be amazing but not only that i believe for the public to see me laughing at myself and injuries on the show would be a great insight to the courage, toughness and prid

Created: 2013-10-07 Statistics

Hutton Community Centre

We the undersigned want to see the HUTTON COMMUNITY CENTRE brought back into use as soon as possible. There is a real need for this in our community that can be used by ALL; individuals, groups, young and old alike. This is an exciting opportunity to re-open a social hub where it is needed.

Created: 2013-12-06 Statistics

UCA Epsom Graduation Ball

I hereby agree that UCA Epsom should be granted the ability to organise a graduation ball, this year and for the years to follow

Created: 2013-11-14 Statistics


HAVE YOU READ THE ADVERTISER TODAY? Article 3 of the European Convention of Human Rights states that “No one shall be subjected to torture or to inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.” It is an absolute right – in no circumstances will it ever be justifiable to torture someone including the government and local newspapers. Treatment will be considered inhuman when it causes intense physical or mental suffering. Treatment or punishment will be degrading if it humiliates and debas

Created: 2013-11-08 Statistics