SMC Cares?

St Mary's College, Blackburn has discontinued its counselling service which for many pupils is an essesntial part of their college life due to not being able to afford to hire even a part time counsellor. The college has money to spend on seldom used iPads, industrial printers that are used to their minimum capacity because staff do not know how to use them, £1000 grants to a selection of pupils who do exceptionally well at GCSE, extention of the college WiFi, smoking shelters and revamping of already sufficient facillites. The college claims to have strong Catholic and community values, but seems to only care about being able to compete with better funded colleges and those who perform exceptionally well. How long will it be before a pupil ends up hurting themself or overdosing because they can not get the help that they need and what are the chances that the college will take any responsibility? St Mary's College needs to re-evaluate its priorites and stop claiming to be a "caring, comunity based college" when it clearly does not care for its pupils who are in need of counselling.


It doesnt matter if you dont go to the college, we just need as many signatures as possible! Thank you!