On the 30th April I recieved this email from a producer of Celebrity Juice. It basically says Im not a big enough Celebrity to go on Celebrity Juice. I need your help to sign this petition to say youd rather me be on the show than some on the 5min reality show celebs that are on each week. The boost it could give the charity would be amazing but not only that i believe for the public to see me laughing at myself and injuries on the show would be a great insight to the courage, toughness and pride that all our servicemen and women possess.


Thank you for your email.

Firstly I would just like to explain that I am a huge supporter of the armed forces and also charities affiliated with them. Two of my brothers in law have fought in Afghanistan in the past few years and I felt very honoured to be able to send out each week's episode of Celebrity Juice for one of them and his fellow troops to watch out there, as I know that the sacrifices which the soldiers make are nothing short of heroic. Since then we have also sent DVDs to other troops who have written to us whilst fighting out there. The whole team feels very proud to have such a strong fan base amongst the soldiers, it isn't something which we take lightly.

Unfortunately we won't be able to have you on the show because we do only have nationally recognised celebrities as guests and it's something which we have a commitment to do, both to the channel which we make the show for, and also to the audience.

If there is any way in which we can help your charity in another way please do let me know. In the past we have given pairs of tickets to the British Forces Radio which raised a lot of money for them and if you are ever raising money in a similar way we would be happy to offer the same (or signed dvds etc if you'd prefer).

I'm sorry if this is disappointing news. I really do hope we can help your charity in other ways.

Kind regards,


Ed Sleeman | Producer | Comedy Entertainment

Please pledge your support and lets show them whos a celebrity.

Sgt Rick Clement