Petition for Single Agency for the Support of Survivors of Abuse

It seems that it is almost every week there is a report of how a child has suffered in an abusive home and has been failed by the very agencies that are in place in the UK to prevent this happening. Time and again the reports show that it is there is not a single cause for children not being properly protected, rather it is a series of tragic omissions by those who should be safeguarding them.

Our current system is failing in so many respects. Please add your support by signing this on-line petition campaigning for a ‘Single Agency Framework for the Survivors of Abuse’. We need a single framework that encompasses the reporting, prosecuting and sentencing of the perpetrators and provides subsequent help and support for the survivors of abuse.  The legacy of abuse reaches into adulthood. Many adult survivors do not receive any form of help or support and, as a result are unable to move forward with their lives.

The legacy of abuse expresses itself in a number of ways through depression, anger, self harm, eating disorders which result in obesity, anorexia, bulimia, alcoholism, drug addiction; a large proportion of the prison population was abused as children.

There is very little in the way of support via GP referred counseling; both in terms of speed of referral (waiting lists are a minimum of 6 weeks) and the quality of the available therapy.  By establishing a single framework and a ‘registered body’ this would provide adult survivors with an alternative route to find the right kind of help in a timely fashion.

I am aiming to gather 100,000 signatures as this is the threshold required to be considered for debate by the House of Commons. Please support this campaign.

Thank you

Chris Tuck