Swinley Drive Safety

This is a petition to Swindon Borough Council to put in some safety measures on Swinley Drive. Currently there are no safe places to cross this road.  The two allocated crossings are on a blind corner and 100 yards after this corner.

The traffic island by the shops will not fit a pram with mother on let alone a second/third child on a school run.

With the expected increase in traffic from the Ridgeway farm housing estate which will join Swinley Drive we are petitioning for a safe crossing and or lowered speed limits during peak school times and or traffic calming and or roundabouts.  We are fully aware we wont get all of the above however if we can get a safe place to cross and signs that show there is actually a school there it will make the school run/shop run/walk to the lake all the more safer for people wanting to cross Swinley Drive.

Thank you for your time and I hope you agree with us that something needs to be done.