Make Kilwinning Safe Again

Dear friends it is the opinion of many Kilwinning folk that our town is no longer our own, in the last year we have had

1 An armed robbery at a supermarket

2 RS Mc Colls in the town was broken into and cigarette and lottery cards stolen

3 A theft of two charity boxes from a church which resulted in a stabbing " 45mins and three separate calls" before police arrived

4 Two recent serious assaults in the space of two weekends

5 And the vandalism of a World War 1 memorial and an acient ruin of an abbey which was cleaned only because Kilwinning folk were up in arms


So my question to you and all fellow Kilwinning folks who care is what are we going to do about it, the average time for a police call is 45mins and it not right we need to stand up for our wee town and I urge all true Kilwinning folks to sign and get something done about this "IT'S TIME TO TAKE OUR TOWN BACK" dont just stand back and shake our heads anymore the goverments are doing nothing so its up to us we need our police station back for starters.