Dear Mr Cameron,

For many years now in the UK the Hardworking Taxpayer is having to foot the bill to house Murderers, Child Killers and Peadophiles in our Jails and quite frankly we have had enough!

These people are no use to our Society and are a big expense and are wasting the fresh air we need to breathe, one solution can sort this problem...BRING BACK THE DEATH PENALTY!


Here is just a few names who would be elegible for this sentence and deep down i'm sure you agree!

1) Ian Huntley 2) Mark Bridger 3) Michael Adebalago 4) Michael Adebowale 5) Jon Venables

I could name a whole lot more that are eating away at Taxpayers money while living a lavish life inside having cooked meals, a roof over their head and plenty more luxuries!

There was once a time Great Britain was firm on it's punishments and we believe that this is the punishment these low lives deserve!


Here is a list of signatures for this cause and i hope that you take note!