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2014-04-03 15:50

very worth while ,children should get the opportunity to develop via sporting activities .if enough people get behind this petition it will succeed ,We proved this last year in Eastbourne saving Old Town Recreation Ground for Perpetyity.



2014-04-03 15:55

It is disgraceful that school playing fields are still being sold off for development despite the government saying it is not a good thing. Once concreted over these spaces can never be regained.



2014-04-04 11:31

Playing fields are very important for all schools to keep and use.



2014-04-04 12:21

Old Salesians is a very special club which has played football at this site for a long time. As Referee Development Officer for the County I have run Referee training courses there, have attended local Society meetings, and have indeed refereed myself on numerous occasions. So this is no idle support, and it is a genuine concern that this great facility, club and people are at risk. Health-promoting green-field sports facilities such as these should be protected and not put under threat of closure. Criminal.
Bartholomew O'Toole


2014-04-04 12:31

These have been magnificent playing fields for football and cricket for many years and remain so, beautifully maintained and played on by keen, talented sportsmen and women all the year round. It would be a huge tragedy to develop the site and deprive the local community of a such wonderful land for recreation simply for the profit of the landowners who, if planning permission is granted, will receive a windfall benefit which they have done nothing to create, which is entirely due to the presence of a local community.   I am wholly opposed to any proposed development other than improvements to the clubhouse and any possible expansion of the football and other sporting activities.  As a football referee I have officiated at the ground many times refereeing Old Salesians who run at least 4 Saturday teams and a Sunday veterans team.   I have always enjoyed a warm welcome from the players and club officers.  The ground is put to good use by local schools during the week.  I have no doubt that all 225 members of the Amateur Football Alliance and London Society of Association Referees, the largest Referees Society in England, which I currently chair, will oppose any housing development.



2014-04-04 13:32

It is a no brainer as the Ewell Village Playing Fields are an assest to the area encouraging healthy out door activities for all. Why loose such a beautiful open space to a development which will engulf the area. Many people rely on the feilds for sports ie football, cricket, rugby, athletics etc. Let's keep the Ewell Village Playing Fields.



2014-04-04 17:30

Sport is an important social gathering opportunity and by getting rid of amenities it permanently removes the opportunity for all age groups to socialise and actively participate in outdoor activities.



2014-04-05 18:10

Think of the bigger picture. We need to preserve what little green space we have for sport.



2014-04-06 08:28

This is bad news. I used these playing fields as a boy and they gave me much pleasure. They should be always available for this purpose. There must be other areas more suitable for development but perhaps not so easily developed. So that reduces the land value - does this really matter?



2014-04-07 16:09

Hardly an Olympic legacy...



2014-04-08 16:05

It is reported that Sebastion Coe stated that children today are likely to die at an earlier age than their parents due to a lack of physical exercise. It is essential that these playing/sports fields are kept open.



2014-04-09 10:07

More houses and less playing fields = more obesity in children.....



2014-04-09 10:49

It is a travesty that Epsom & Ewell Council are considering development on these playing fields, to spoil a beautiful green space that serves the local and wider community. The application must be rejected immediately.



2014-04-09 11:23

Despite the success of the 2012 Olympic Games, currently, one playing field is being sold off every three weeks in England.....not really the Olympic Legacy fed to us all a few years back!



2014-04-09 11:39

I find it appalling that a vital sports ground, vital not only to the local community, but also to the general, wider Ewell community, is under threat of development. Please, this really needs to be re-considered, we are losing too much of our green field facilities and areas.

And do not forget the affect this will have on the wildlife, sports/green areas like this support.



2014-04-09 11:49

Anything that can be done to resist yet another example of the potential loss of amenity sports grounds is totally desirable. As a qualified football referee I have officiated at this extremely enthusiastically-run club on very well maintained pitches on matches between sides at various levels over many years, including during the current football season.



2014-04-09 11:59

I object to developers bulldozing a beautiful green space used for public enjoyment for generations. In the interests of sport, children's health, conservation, maintaining planning integrity, and the fight against multi-million pound businesses riding roughshod over local communities, I hope that this petition will be favourably heard.



2014-04-09 13:52




2014-04-09 14:25

There is too much for this going on now. So much for caring about peoples health.



2014-04-09 15:42

We need more Green spaces and not less in our increasingly over-populated environment.



2014-04-09 15:52

With the 2012 Olympic Games hardly finished so much for the legacy that it endorsed. These playing fields are used by numerous groups and should continue to be used as a local venue for sport. It doubles as a 'lung' for the village and its demise would inevitably result in the village changing for the worse.



2014-04-09 16:27

Builders couldn't give a toss for heritage, understandably all they are interested in is their profit margin. They rarely live where they build, they put up, grab the money and run to spoil the environment elsewhere. If they were building on a brownfield site it would probably be different but they would have to do extra work....



2014-04-09 16:28

I wish it every success. It's time sports players of all ages teamed together to stop the expropriation of playing fields that have benefitted generations. We must end this commercial vandalism of our heritage.



2014-04-09 19:22

There will still be playing fields available under the planning permission plus an all weather pitch and new pavilion. Please before making assumptions read the planning consent. The "builders" are in fact a local charity providing affordable housing for the elderly.



2014-04-09 21:30

Sports clubs are essential to a well functioning society.