Save Orleans Riverside from Development

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2014-06-30 11:02

This is a blatant act of vandalism. I cannot believe that this beautiful site is going to be destroyed.



2014-06-30 11:11

This is a dreadful idea on so many levels. The open, green space is used and enjoyed by many, many people. If this boat has to be housed in the Richmond area there are many, more suitable locations. Vehicular and pedestrian access to the proposed site is hugely restrictive and the flooding risked will be greatly increased.



2014-06-30 11:20

The Council should site the boathouse where local businesses could benefit from the increased traffic and tourist interest - would be great to have The Gloriana in a location that does not involve ripping up a much-loved children's playground.
local resident

#4 #4

2014-06-30 12:02

In addition to the comments above, it should be noted that only a few years ago the road along the riverside was closed off to through traffic by the council to prevent it being used as a "rat run" through a quiet residential area. Yet, under these development proposals this will be removed, thus reinstating the road to "rat run" status, which, together with traffic directly relating to the boat, will create an unprecedented level of undesirable traffic going through the Riverside, Syon Road and Lebanon Park.



2014-06-30 12:12

How few places there are in this area of London that are truly wild and left natural. As they are so rare they should be treasured by all. Nature is far more important than man made enterprises and we all know that. For once money and profit should step back and respect this. It's only a boat and I don't want to see this little wilderness trashed. We have enough public spaces for projects like this. PLEASE don't do this - let people enjoy a bit of natural wilderness that is uncontrolled by man and his destructive developments so commonplace in our metropolis. In this place as it is today we can all renew our energy by walking gently through this lovely area as it is -full of trees and wild flowers.



2014-06-30 13:40

What a ridiculous waste of tax payers money on a scheme that will decrease a green space. What is the relevance of having a replica of the Gloriana in this area?



2014-06-30 14:03

Please reconsider the proposed plans for developing Orleans Gardens it is currently an oasis for my two-year-old daughter we spend time there every single day, the shaded play area is our little piece of heaven and the hub of this thriving local community. We see no place for The Gloriana here it holds no value whatsoever to the local people. Why develop this wonderful piece of land when Twickenham high street needs so much attention.



2014-06-30 15:02

The Home should be Henly as there is already a Rowing Museum.



2014-06-30 15:04

Save the beautiful natural riverside. YUPPIES OUT!!



2014-06-30 15:12

This is not the place for this beautiful barge. There is not the infrastructure to accommodate this sort of tourist attraction - no public transport nearby, no parking facility. It should be moored at Richmond riverside where it was kept prior to the river pageant.



2014-06-30 15:17

Since moving back to the US, I've always lovingly described to my family and friends the beauty of Twickenham's riverside. It's such a wonderful area to raise children. Orleans playground was my absolute favorite place to spend a nice afternoon. The trees, the little cafe, the large space to chase our little dog around. It would be a very sad thing to see such a special little corner of Twickenham sacrificed for something most Twickenham residents would not approve of. Never mind the fact that they weren't consulted. I hope the council will give some more serious consideration to this matter. Give the residents a chance to express their opinions and research other possible places alongside the Twickenham river that I personally know of that are not, as of yet, used for commercial purposes or family recreation.



2014-06-30 16:37

Like the idea, very against the location, it would be a real shame to lose such a beautiful quiet riverside garden



2014-06-30 16:48

No! No! No!



2014-06-30 17:01

The developed should only go ahead if the playground remains or if another one can be built in its place.



2014-06-30 17:11

How dare the authorities even consider destroying one of the few safe havens for children to play in this borough? And totally without consultation too. The waste-of-money barge would be more appropriately permanently displayed at the likes of Hampton Court, not here. We don't want it, we want to preserve this borough in all its beauty.



2014-06-30 17:37

I love the riverside in Twickenham as it is and I don´t want it spoilt for commercial/touristic purposes



2014-06-30 17:47

I can't believe that this is the only site available. It's a great space which myself and many families alike have used for many years. I'm not opposed to change but I think this is one change that would be a costly mistake!!



2014-06-30 18:45

This is a very special secluded piece of riverside, and very beautiful it does not need a great big boat house! So many families have used this area over the years, and we are lucky it has remained untouched and tranquil - Put the boat somewhere else, bring the tourists into Twickenham town centre by the old swimming pool or even take it to Richmond !



2014-06-30 19:20

This is a beautiful, peaceful space full of ancient trees. It does not need more people here to view the Gloriana, nor would it benefit in any way from having fewer trees. The loss of this quiet, green and very special part of Twickenham would be a tragedy. Site the Gloriana in the centre of Twickenham, which is in dire need of more life being attracted to it.

#20 Makes no sense

2014-06-30 20:06

Nothing makes any sense in Lord True's proposal. It's obvious that the locals don't want it & that it won't benefit any of the people that currently enjoy the area. We love it precisely because it is so unspoilt & undeveloped, it would be madness to ruin this little natural haven. What's worse is the cynical way they have tried to get these plans through without the locals being involved. Try to spring it on us at the last minute whilst people are away & distracted with summer holidays.



2014-06-30 21:05

It was built in Richmond not Twickenham, also no royals lived n Twickenham. We don't want it
14th Richmond Sea Scout

#22 We don't need such tourism

2014-06-30 21:23

Plenty of people visit Richmond already. It's loaded with Rich people. We don't need that kind of money. This underhand approach to development shows an understanding of what would be the people's response to what is essentially a weak attraction. A replica? Come on. This smacks of a political favour for someone with power. Leave such attractions in central London where they belong.



2014-06-30 21:25

We want trees, not a floating museum creating more congestion. Cutting down trees 200-300 years old goes against everything the gloriana is meant to symbolise. Put it in a greenfield site with proper access not in a tranquil area with no access. Who in their right mind would put it there? Anyone with a modicum of common sense know thus is the wrong area for it. Try further up or down the river or even at Ham house, just not Orleans Riverside. Councilors should hand their head in shame.



2014-06-30 22:47

I grew up running free in the cowparsley of Orleans in this enchanting slightly wildpark. The playground the centre of my childhood. Locals will soon tire of the model boat and the building will end up unloved by the council and a burden on its budget.



2014-06-30 22:58

This part of twickenham is one of the most beautiful nd unspoilt parts of south weta London please don't let it be run ones by this ridiculous hollow gimmick!