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Withernsea Doctors not fit for purpose.

This petition isn't about pointing fingers or assigning blame, it's about saying the system isn't working and needs to be changed NOW. This has been going on for sometime now that you when you ring for an appointment you are on hold for a considerable amount of time and in some cases hours, when you eventually get through you are given a telephone appointment for two or three weeks then you might get a face to face appointment. This is not acceptable and needs to be stopped NOW. I do understand

Created: 2021-09-13 Statistics

Bring back Rowntree's Cabana chocolate bar!

Recently Cadbury brought back an old chocolate bar due to a petition. I saw the story on the Manchester Evening News Facebook page. I made a comment regarding the Rowntree's Cabana chocolate bar wishing it would also make a come back. Likes and comments agreeing followed so I thought it's worth a shot?! So let's see if people power can get our caramel, coconut and cherry pieces wrapped in milk chocolate bar returned to our shop shelves!!!! 

Created: 2020-01-04 Statistics

Tampere Disc Golf Center needs to be saved!

Tampere Disc Golf Center is under threat.    Some politicians of city of Tampere have addressed lately their will to give land for the expansion of the nearby golf course. This particular piece of land they have in mind happens to be Tampere Disc Golf Center (TDGC).  If this is to happen it means the end of TDGC as we know it. Tampere and Finland and actually the whole disc golf community will lose something extraordinary.  TDGC was built by the city of Tampere in 2018 and it has 27 beautiful ho

Created: 2021-08-27 Statistics

Abercynon road road safety improvements

The petition is for the people of Abercynon road only it is to consider 2 partional changes to improve on overall traffic flow and safety. Change 1: introduction of speed bumps along the main road. We have a long and straight road which appears to be attractive to a driver that likes to speed. Introducing an area of speed bumps will reduce this attraction and reduce driver speed throughout the road. Change 2: relocation of the southbound bus stop that is current outside number 132 to 136 Abercyn

Created: 2021-08-13 Statistics

Provide a controlled crossing point on the A3259 at the bottom of Maidenbrook Lane

The A3259 is a difficult road to cross, however with the advent of the roadworks on Toneway it has now become dangerous to cross.  The residents living within Cheddon Fitzpaine and surrounding areas are being subjected to extremely high traffic flows with traffic not obeying speed limits. There is currently no controlled crossing point serving the lower end of Cheddon Fitzpaine to enable walking towards Monkton Heathfield.With further development forthcoming in the area even after the Toneway ro

Created: 2021-08-22 Statistics

Name the Paddock to Pits tunnel at Brands Hatch after Robert Foote

Without marshals who willingly volunteer their time, we can't go racing - pure and simple.After an incident on the 31st of July 2021 at Brands Hatch, "Orange Army" member Robert Foote tragically lost his life doing what he loved doing.The marshals are the unsung heroes of motor racing, vital cogs in the raceday machine, and we feel it is only right that the tunnel between the Paddock and the Pits at Brands Hatch be named the Robert Foote tunnel - not only is it near the marshals post that Robert

Created: 2021-08-03 Statistics

Fight for our carers

  FIGHT FOR OUR CARERS/BLUE TEAMPlease help us to show the government and local council the hard work we do deserves more than the national minimum wage. A common misconception amongst the general public is that care workers are simply just glorified "bottom wipers".However, we are SO much more than that. I wish words alone were enough to explain just how much more, but I am here to try. For our carers at Caremark, we cover long hours, and recieve the national minimum wage for the dedicated work

Created: 2021-09-03 Statistics

Francis Road Medical Surgery, Leyton . Call for Management to Improve Service

Francis Road Medical Surgery , Leyton E10 needs immediate attention by Management. Patient safety and well-being are at risk. Adequate and appropriate measures are not in place , poorly trained Receptionists are jeopardising and putting patient lives at risk. Doctors cannot be seen in a timely manner, long and tedious processes have been introduced which means patients experience great difficulty in receiving  the needed care and attention. There are no alternatives for the elderly who cannot ac

Created: 2021-09-07 Statistics

Stop the Park Leisure extension- no more caravans!

I strongly object to the planning application 3/2021/0720 submitted to Ribble Valley Council by Park Leisure applying for an extension to the present park with an additional 95 caravans.

Created: 2021-08-22 Statistics

We demand a ROAD HUMP !!

The small community of East Jevington on the C40 road has several Equine stable yards, and many horses use this area especially around Green Lane.. Vehicles have been monitored by Willingdon community Speed Watch Group travelling in excess of 55mph in this 30mph zone. The residents of the Parish of Willingdon and Jevington ask East Sussex County Council to place a road hump just before the entrance of Green Lane to help reduce the speed of traffic before a very serious accident occurs.   

Created: 2020-06-03 Statistics