Advocate for the animals in Seychelles STOP POISONING

To the Government of Seychelles, Mr Speaker of the National Assembly, all honourable members of the Assembly and all concerned parties,


We, the undersigned, express our deep concern over the recent use of poison to address the issue of stray dogs in Seychelles. This callous method not only presents a predicament in terms of societal values that we are seeking to instill in our youth and upcoming generation of leaders, but also presents dire threats and risks to the safety and health of our wider wildlife, including endemic birds, other domestic animals, farm animals, public health, and the environment.


We implore the government to halt this practice immediately and explore alternative methods, such as humane capture and relocation or sterilization programs, which have been proven effective in other countries. Stray overpopulation is not only an outside issue. The population also increases by pet owners not sterilizing their animals and dumping litters out on the streets. Therefore, mass killings will not solve this issue if animals are not sterilized within the privately owned sector.


We also urge the government to conduct a transparent and thorough investigation into the recent mass killing of dogs around the island, holding those responsible accountable for their inhumane and illegal actions.


We call on the government and the National Assembly of Seychelles to prioritize animal welfare and take meaningful steps to prevent cruelty and protect vulnerable animals. It is time to review and revise the relevant legislations.


It is widely accepted throughout the world that animals are sentient beings and should have equal rights to us. It is essential to take responsibility for the stray animal issue and provide adequate funding to private supporting bodies taking care of them. SSPCA, Pet Haven and countless volunteers have been collecting strays, neutering them and rehoming them for years. Their success rates have been high, and would be even higher if the Government gives them additional support.


Failure to address this issue will have gross repercussions on Seychelles' tourism industry, which is vital for the economy's survival. The tourism industry does not support poisoning, and the recent killings have appalled tourists, many of whom have taken photos of the poisoned dogs Nation-wide and publicly deplored these actions on social media.



We are presently lagging woefully behind other Countries in respect to our practices towards animals and have become the object of horror and dismay in the eyes of not only ourselves but visitors to our islands and the eyes of the international media. Urgent action is required to address this issue, and we urge all concerned parties to work together to promote compassion and respect for all living beings in Seychelles. Please take action for the welfare and well-being of these lovely creatures.




We, the citizens of Seychelles, implore our elected representatives and leaders of the Country to:


1. Stop the barbaric, dangerous and negligent use of poisoning on National soil;


2. Make animal poisoning illegal. This would entail a simple legislative amendment;


3. Increase the period of detainment prior to euthanasia to at least one month. With the aid of local NGOs, this would be a non issue for the Government to instill.


4. Introduce an Animal Welfare Act or an Animal Sentience Act. There are examples worldwide we can adopt or borrow from;


5. Employ and empower suitable Dog Control Officers (i.e., individuals who genuinely care for animals and would not seek to harm them willfully);


6. Work alongside private NGOs, including Pet Haven and SSPCA, to curb the stray dog population in a humane manner. They would need larger premises, infrastructure and funding.


7. Work alongside private NGOs to educate the masses on the need for responsible pet ownership, including the need for neutering pets;


8. Work alongside private NGOs to organize monthly pet sterilization and registration/microchipping drives.


9. Uphold the law and enforce penalties against perpetrators who have violated any of the offences listed under the Act.


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