SAVE THE SKIRT - Join me in saying 'no' to 'Gender Neutral' Uniform at THS

If you are feeling angry, upset or concerned about the recent announcment to abolish the skirt for girls at THS and adopt a more 'Gender Neutral policy', on uniform then please sign my petition. I intend to share this with Mrs Crook to hightlight that not everyone will be happy with this decision to make the girls wear trousers. It is also my understanding that at the moment negative feedback comments/calls are being ignored. My personal thoughts..I don't have a girl at THS, I actually have a boy, but I feel this is an attack on womens rights; girls/women have a right to dress as female by wearing a skirt. If I had been told to stop wearing a skirt when I was at school I would definately have had something to so about it, so lets be that voice for our girls and lets say a big fat NO to this ridiculous policy. Please feel free to share this petition with anyone. Thank you for your support.



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