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This petition is to register our view of non consent to British Parliament, to their mandates or corporate laws pertaining to Covid legislation, passports or any mandated vaccination. We are under common law and our bodies are not under rule of the government, we shall not allow anything that contravines the Nuremberg Code upon us nor enter into any dialogue that does. We shall only remove this order of consent when there is a government in place that we agree with. The present government is act

Created: 2021-12-09 Statistics

ENVI (HERMES) . Parcel delivery service .action needs to be taken against this company ASAP

Company's are sending parcels to be delivered from envi (hermes) company  Missing parcels  Stolen parcels  No contact for updates  No answer on emails  Empty parcels when there delivered  Customer service don't respond  Something must be done  Christmas birthday present all missing  Delayed delivery when people are paying express delivery  Correspondence is a 0 reply  Staff very rude  Delivery driver dropping parcel of taking pictures and then flinging the parcel bk in the van (theft)  Tracking

Created: 2022-11-30 Statistics

Stand with Safoora! Support her MPhil completion!

Safoora Zargar, a student activist leader, incarcerated under UAPA for her role in the anti CAA-NRC movement, is being denied regular extensions to complete her MPhil.The Department of Sociology at the Jamia Millia University is denying Safoora’s rightful asks as a MPhil/PhD candidate.During the COVID-19 pandemic crisis through 2020 and 2021, university campuses and facilities were shut down, causing immense difficulties for the student and research communities. As compensation, research scholar

Created: 2022-08-25 Statistics

Pastors for the alliance of Poland and Ukraine, and the Three Seas Initiative

We, the undersigned pastors and members of the Christian churches in Poland and Ukraine, express great joy and gratitude to God for the tremendous changes that are taking place before our very eyes in the relations between our nations. As a result of the tragedy of the war that Russia started by attacking Ukraine, we have experienced a renewal of fraternal relations between Poles and Ukrainians, we experienced openness of hearts and solidarity. Together, we also think about the future. We strong

Created: 2022-05-09 Statistics

Changes in Aptamil new formula affects babies well being

I am making a petition to bring light on the fact that the new aptamil formula its not suitable for babies. My little one has been on aptamil after I have lost my natural milk supply due to health issues and we had no problems  with it although in composition contains palm oil. After few month with same formula Aptamil decide to change the composition of the formula they had on market, which is understandable due to palm oil use scancause with new formula, but with new formula lots of issues com

Created: 2022-04-10 Statistics

Would you live next door to this????

We live on a lovely street in Slough which is Eastbridge, just off Goodman Park. A plot of land had been empty for years until someone started putting in building plans to build a house, many applications were submitted and all eventually refused for many reasons by the planning department at Slough council. The plot stayed empty for a few years, then all of a sudden a large concrete foundation appeared, this was around 8 years ago, even though the concrete had been laid nothing was done for ano

Created: 2022-02-21 Statistics

Ally McCoist should be the commentator for the World Cup Final

As an ex-player commentator, Ally McCoist is streets ahead of his colleagues in the commentary box. He makes the game even more enjoyable. There are some really poor ex-player commentators for this world Cup, which actually can be a real turn off. Ally McCoist is the best, so he should play host to the biggest game in world football. a match made in heaven! Please add your signature to this so we can all enjoy the final to the maximum. Thanks!

Created: 2022-11-28 Statistics

Rendlesham Basketball/Mugga court opening

The Basketball or Mugga Court in Rendlesham has been locked for the summer Holidays and is only available to be hired at £5 an hour for tennis. We think is is unfair to all those who use this facility all year round. Also there does not seem to be much demand for the tennis sessions. We are calling for this decision to be reconsidered and the court returned to free use or at least shared between the activities

Created: 2022-07-30 Statistics

Holy Trinity School - Bham Rd - Petition to allow children on PE days to wear PE kits

Holy Trinity School - Bham Rd - Petition to allow children on PE days to wear PE kits and remove the requirement to get changed on the school premises. Improving lesson time allocated to sports - Allowing more time for the students during PE lesson. Reducing the opportunity for lost items of clothing with no longer requiring to get changed. Saving parents money with less lost property items to replace overpriced school uniform/PE kits. 

Created: 2022-03-09 Statistics

Opposing the upgrade of 5g towers at Shell Garage Brighton Road, Shoreham by Sea, BN435YL

The letter was sent on 6th of October 2022 from Waldon Telecom LTD. on behalf of Cornerstone mobile infrastructure service company. Residents of the Fishermans Walk BN435LW have come up with this petition to oppose the proposed upgrade of the current tower to much bigger and more powerful. Together we have concluded that there is no significant data suggesting this upgrade would be in any way safe for the human life and wildlife. There is no plans in protecting the community from any future impl

Created: 2022-10-21 Statistics

Sepsi OSK fans are not racists!

ENG / HU (lent) / RO (mai jos) ENG: To the attention of UEFA from the fans of Sepsi OSK.During the football match between Sepsi OSK and NK Olimpija Ljubljana (2022. 07. 28.), a particular form of support was deemed by UEFA to be racist. We would also like to make it clear that our fan community has never tolerated any racist support. From the start, we consider racism in our community unimaginable, as the Sepsi OSK team has a multi-ethnic fan base. We encouraged and respected all of our players

Created: 2022-08-10 Statistics

We demand that our Local Representatives for Renfrewshire prioritise the Climate and Ecological Emergency

The most recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report highlights that climate breakdown is accelerating rapidly,  that many of the impacts will be more severe than predicted and there is only a narrow chance left of avoiding its worst ravages. In the words of contributor Hans-Otto Portner: ".Any further delay in concerted global action will miss a brief and rapidly closing window to secure a liveable future" Renfewshire Council declared a climate emergency in June 2019 and we d

Created: 2022-05-06 Statistics

Poor services on waste removal and civic amenity site and inflated council tax costs

So as we have read in the local news the huge costs that we are paying for the removal of fly tipping in and around Hartlepool (See link at the bottom of the page) at a cost of around £1m in past 5 years. We have to ask why this seems to be a problem? Has anyone tried to get into the Civic amenity site on Burn Road Hartlepool over the last couple of months? Needing to book an appointment, closed most days or it is weather related, and the best one of all COVID!!!! You have zero human contact wit

Created: 2022-02-05 Statistics

Kyiv Declaration of Security

     Taking into account the historical experience of Russia's use of military aggression, as the main tool of pressure on its neighbors and its own population, as well as nuclear blackmail in relation to the world community, as a guarantee of its impunity, I appeal to the authorities of the Russian Federation with a proposal to voluntarily abandon nuclear weapons. I believe that this refusal should be the primary condition for the lifting of international sanctions against the Russian Federatio

Created: 2022-12-17 Statistics

Dear Wall To Wall Media & Rope Ladder Fiction, Please Give All Us Waterloo Road Fans A First Ever Christmas Special & Perhaps A Feature Length Film Edition As Well

    For the attention of Wall to Wall Media & Rope Ladder Fiction,    I must be the BBC's Waterloo Road's number one FAN because not only have I saw EVERY episode of all the original ten series, but since the covid lockdown of 2020, me & my mother have been binge watching all ten series on a loop on the BBC iPlayer & we definitely show no signs of boredom with it.   However, along with numerous OTHER fans of this fantastic series, we are MEGA excited for the REBOOT of the series in

Created: 2022-12-04 Statistics

We NEED a dance remix of the Olivia Newton-John & Dolly Parton "Jolene" duet!

With the recent sad passing of pop ICON Olivia Newton-John, and her posthumus duets album coming out early in 2023, fans are most excited for a long-over duet with Dolly Parton of a song that was a big hit for BOTH of them, "Jolene." Now with Dolly's continued popularity, the time is right for a DANCE REMIX of this duet of "Jolene" and to bring it in to the dance clubs! It is a classic song that everyone loves and both ladies are gay icons, so the gay clubs would grab hold of it fast! Olivia's l

Created: 2022-11-22 Statistics

Re-open the top entrance of Danygraig Cemetery

On behalf of local residents we would like to re-open the top entrance of Daanygraig Cemetery. This will help people to visit the graves of loved ones without having to walk from the bottom entrance or jump the wall.  Re-opening the top entrance will support people with physical impairments and difficulty mobilising.  The top entrance was open at one time and for some reasons unknown it was locked shut and has now become inaccessible.  it has been brought to our attention that there are people w

Created: 2022-06-13 Statistics

Remove unnecessary cycle lanes from London's roads

Honestly this just makes me even more cross than before.  I travelled up Park Lane today and saw that they have now changed 4 lanes (incl bus lane) into 2 lanes for cyclists and 1 lane for the buses, leaving just 1 lane for cars. I used to travel in a car everyday for work for 3 years from SE London to NW, during the peak traffic times and saw MAX 6 maybe 7 cyclists on Park Lane, today we 2 cycle lanes and NO CYCLISTS NOT EVEN ONE!!!!! Can't see this changing ever. I'm not saying remove all cycl

Created: 2020-10-22 Statistics

با هشتگ #با_کردستان_آزادی_ایران حملات موشکی و پهبادی سپاه تروریستی جمهوری اسلامی را محکوم کنیم. #ژینا_امینی #مهسا_امینی

Once again Islamic revolutionary Guard Corps  showed its fear of the unity of the Iranian people by attacking residential areas and schools in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Now out of fear of Iranian people’s uprising, in their think tank groups, the IRGC commanders decided to spread lies about separatism. The Revolutionary Guard of Iran not only targets a civilian flight, at the same time it shoots heads and chests of Iranian youths on the streets throughout different peaceful demonstrations.

Created: 2022-09-28 Statistics

Malden Centre: Objection to closing Saturday morning adult lane swim

The Saturday morning adult swim session at the MC (Malden Centre) has been running for 20 years.  It runs at capacity and gives the local community an opportunity to meet socially and exercise.  Users have inadvertently found out that as of this Saturday the centre has cancelled these to make space for other activities.  The closure disproportionally disadvantages users who benefit most, those who are 55+, retired, carers,  have mobility issues and those who work and don't have time other than S

Created: 2023-01-29 Statistics