Crowthorne Bus

There is no bus route that passes Crowthorne Station to connect it to either Crowthorne village or other parts of the area such as Wokingham or The Meadows.

Since the area around the station has been more and more developed, more people (residents) are wanting to go into Crowthorne and other shopping locations such as the Meadows or Wokingham as well as train passengers wanting to reach their ultimate destination in Crowthorne village, Finchampstead, or other nearby developments. With the environment and climate change now in focus, the need to reduce emissions is a high priority. Residents of this area wishing to go into the village, the Meadows, Wokingham etc. will make this journey by car, and those who don't or can't drive have to walk, and many who are elderly or infirm can't walk that far so either have to rely on taxis or just don't go out. The nearest bus route is on NWR - again too far for many to walk. It is not just a commuter issue, but more one of access to shops and other services, so would not need a frequent service, perhaps four a day, and would not need a commuter time ("rush hour") service.

Looking at many of the planning documents concerning the development of Derby field, they all state that it is a 20-25 minute walk from there (and the station) to Crowthorne village. That is all very well for a fit and able person – not so for a disabled or elderly person, a parent with a small child, or a traveller encumbered with luggage. In addition, trains to and from Wokingham are irregular and frequently cancelled, and the same walking issues exist between Wokingham station and the town centre and the out of town supermarkets, where the busses already stop. Apart from many recent developments of houses, flats and apartments around the Crowthorne station area, the massive increase in population from the Derby Field development must surely prompt a specific need for inclusion on a bus route including Crowthorne village, by alteration of the 194 or 125 routes as discussed below?

Passengers alighting from the train at the station are surprised by the absence of public transport to the village itself considering the distance to have to walk.

It seems a service to include Crowthorne station and the surrounding area could easily be provided by modifying the existing 125 route from Wokingham which passes South along New Wokingham Road, to turn right at the junction with Dukes Ride to proceed Westbound, continuing to go all the way to and then around Wellingtonia roundabout and back up Dukes ride Eastbound, turning right into Waterloo Road or carrying straight on to re-join its original route. The route in the opposite direction could be altered in a similar way. This would only require a bus stop on one side in the station area. The journey time would only increase by five minutes or so.

Having written to both councils, this is the reply from BFC (with similar sentiments from WBC)

"Historically there used to be a bus service which ran to Crowthorne Station, unfortunately monitoring of this service at the time indicated that 1 passenger a week used the service and therefore this section of the service was withdrawn. It is acknowledged that more residents have moved into the Crowthorne area since this service was originally provided and the feasibility of a link with Crowthorne station will be reconsidered in any future remodelling of the services. [But see their closing statement!]

The Council also investigated extending the existing 125 bus service to call at the rail station for midweek journeys in the am and pm peaks. This service is commissioned by Wokingham BC and ultimately their councillors decided against the extension.  A stand-alone bus service running from the rail station to Crowthorne High Street would not be economically viable.

At the moment therefore there are no immediate plans for public transport to serve the Crowthorne rail station area."

Who can believe the "1 passenger a week"  statement?! Times have changed.

We require Bracknell Forest Council, Wokingham Borough Council and Crowthorne Parish Council to work together to engage a local bus company to alter/provide a route to service Crowthorne station.