Primary school and periods

My daughter at the age of 9 started her period. From the age of 6yrs her hormones kicked in. With body oder! 
my now 10year old has been dealing with heavy bleeds. Emotional turmoil and tiredness. 
The doctor put my 10year old on the pill to deal with her moods and blood flow. 
she has clots. Heavy bleeding. Moods. And fatigue. 
She is TEN!! 
so when she needs to deal with 'women's  problems' again, she's TEN years old. She is expected to go to PRIMARY SCHOOL as normal. 
I'm pulled in for her lack of attendance. 
where is the knowledge and understanding of our babies who have no choice of becoming a woman at such a young age? 
I feel it's all about their Ofsted report and attendance record. 
I'm fighting for our girls who are understood at their very young age. 
It seems to be getting younger for our girls. You may very well experience this. 
It's not a great place to be, when your not heard or your child is not understood.

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