Reinstate Glenn Morgan to Zwift

Glenn has been shadow banned for life with no proof of any wrong doing, only he has breached community guidelines. If this means by calling out cheats, yes , he is guilty but where is the community guidelines being followed by cheating!


Glenn rides his bike indoors mostly due to medical issues. Glenn was born with Spina Bifida and Chiari Malformation, they thought he would never walk but surprised the medical world. He had to have Surgery to close the hole up in the base of his spine and lose some nerves that were not protected but other issues (commonly associated with Spina Bifida)was inactive  for 40 years. Due to emergency spinal surgery, during his adult life, it triggered it all off and he was starting to experience mood swings. His hydrocephalus became active and the build up of fluids in his brain resulted in a permanent shunt in his brain. What you do have to remember is ‘mood swings’ beyond Glenn’s control.


Counter in effect his strong dislike for cheating with a ready trigger finger and unable to control himself he went all out on Face Book and during a race on Zwift calling out an obvious cheat. It’s very difficult to keep in mind the disability when talking to Glenn, mental health problems are easily overlooked and unfortunately never taking into consideration.


Zwift has been contacted through several platforms and if you agree Glenn should be reinstated to Zwift please sign the petition.

Lift his shadow-band for life now.


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