National Trust: Stop 'Quick Vote'

We the undersigned petition the National Trust to stop offering the 'Quick Vote' option to members voting online at the AGM and to disclose the 2022 Quick Vote voting numbers.

In 2022 members logging in to the online AGM page were invited to tick the ‘Quick Vote’ box to vote for all seven candidates for the ruling Council which the Trust recommended and against every Members' Resolution it disliked.  ‘Quick Vote’ was even presented as ‘Option 1’, ahead of proper voting.

The result was that every recommended candidate was elected and every members' resolution defeated.  Moreover, the Trust has to date refused to disclose the actual number of Quick Votes its Chairman cast.  But the scale can be estimated by the average vote for a succesful Council candidate. This year that average was almost 30,000 more than last year, up from 39,000 to 68,000.

Plainly, if Quick Vote continues, the National Trust will not just vote down every members' resolution, but no candidate whose face does not fit will ever be elected - or re-elected - to the ruling Council.  The National Trust will use Quick Vote to build a compliant Council of yes-men.

'Quick Vote' is also used by building sociieties anxious to avoid accountability.  It is against all Biblical principles of honesty and transparency.  If it were above board, they would not be ashamed to disclose the vote. The National Trust know Quick Vote is corrupt.

We call on the National Trust to disclose the 2022 Quick Vote tally and never to use Quick Vote again.

Find more info and a report on the 2022 AGM on the Christian Voice website HERE

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