This is Yalniz Kurt also known as Leon and I would like you all to sign this petition so that we can get this troglodyte out of our family friendly professional Brawl Stars club. 

Why does he need to be removed? cus its really fcking funny 💀 i dont even know if he did anything wrong but a lot of ppl want him gone and i like messing with this guy for no reason cus i am sadist.

(Ignore that second paragraph) this fiend has ruined the sanctity of our precious club and it would of our best interest to remove him immediately as well as banning him from every other club. He said some very horrible things to our VP Alexandria in Turkish which is very messed up because Alexananandra doesn't even speak the language, and therefore can't defend himself. Kurt has done plenty of other horrible crimes but i'm scared for my life to reveal them. Please help us.