Make group b strep testing mandatory for routinely testing

I have created this petition as I want to make group b strep testing mandatory and make it so that it will be routinely testing I am very strongly doing anything I can to make this possible as I have seen what it can do to young babies!! On 28th may 2023 I give birth to my son 6 week early!! If my son was taking to neonatal where we were told during pregnancy he was it could have been prevented as it went undetected until he was 6 weeks old he took meningitis and sepsis from group b strep he was critically ill and we weren't given much hope for him but he fought and fought and came through it but is now paying for it as he has failed his milestones!! I would have never known I had group b strep if I haven't off had a kidney infection and got swapped as I am a carrier and had no symptoms!! If group b strep testing was made mandatory and checked routinely a lot off babies would be saved and a lot off parents wouldn't experience what me and my family have experienced since my sons birth!!

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