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WBC to reconsider decision regarding RE3 Payments

We the undersigned residents of West Berkshire Council would like the Council to reverse their decision to not pay the RE3 subsidy payment which has meant we can now longer use the Smallmead Facilities. It is unfair to make residents on the outside edges of West Berkshire travel a further 30 miles to dispose of rubbish and we think this decision will see a steep increase in fly tipping.

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Save Bathgate Green Belt

Acres of protected Green Belt in Falside and Windyknowes are soon to be despoiled by housing development. This is despite overwhelming opposition from the Bathgate Community and our democratically elected representatives. This green belt is of outstanding natural beauty and is home to ancient trees and protected animal species. We call on the Scottigh Government to reverse this environmentally destructive decision and respect local democracy.

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Save Esher's Greenbelt - Say No to development on Sandown Park

The Jockey Club proposes to build 310 flats (in blocks 4-6 storeys high) and a 150 bed hotel around the race course. The whole of Sandown Park is in the Green Belt, and we do not believe this development should be allowed.   We are a group of neighbours launching a campaign to fight the proposals and raise awareness.  We know the Council is under pressure to find more sites for houses.  However, it remains the case there is a presumption AGAINST new development on Green Belt land unless it can b

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Medi-link extension

·         The 63 and 65 country bus services to the Queen’s Medical Centre were withdrawn in August 2014   ·          They provided the population in villages of South Nottinghamshire and the Soar Valley with direct and easy access to the Queen’s Medical Centre and through the Medi-link service a quick connection to Nottingham City Hospital.   ·          The service was used by patients attending clinics, hospital visitors also hospital staff.   ·          As a result of the withdrawal, bus jo

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Road improvements for Fodderdyke Bank & Hobhole Bank.

Have you ever driven on Fodderdyke Bank & Hobhole Bank roads and thought to yourself,  "this road is awful, bumpy and dangerous"? Have you heard that there has been three cars pulled out of the drains in the last three weeks? Including, unfortunately, a death of one young man.  (source It's not a question of if there will be another accident on these roads, it is simply a question of when.If you're local, the chances are that you will know the perso

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Petition to allow the use of Stand up Paddleboards on Ennerdale & Thirlmere

United utilities have this year 2021 stopped the use of paddleboards on two of its lake district lakes which were previously allowed. They still allow the use of Kayaks and Canoes on these lakes (this includes inflatables) The reason is, they consider there is a higher risk of drowning accidents by the use of SUPs due the increased risk of falling into cold water. SUP has incresed masively in popularity however there have been no calls for emergency services to SUP accidents or drownings in eith

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Save Idle Moor

There is planning been drawn up for a further 45 homes to be built on Idle Moor by Gleason Homes with acces from Kenstone Crescent  These houses are to be built on land that was previously a mine. This space is classed as Urban Green Space. We have to stop the over development of urban areas now. Idle & Thackley are the most desirable places to live in Bradford. This is due to the open green spaces and community feel. Please sign the petition and then share this petition amongst all your fri

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Stop Worthing Crematorium removing plaques & memorabilia

It's been common practice for mourners to place small memories for their loved ones at Worthing crematorium for years. WHY NOW HAS IT COME TO THIS? Not only have they removed all our memorabilia left for our loved ones, They have left them in 2 cupboards, in a section of the car park with the DUSTBINS, (see the pics here )  If they are not collected by 28th Feb they will be disposed of.  Pl

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Save 51 Tickford Street ("The Wrestlers") from decay!

The petition We, the undersigned, are concerned about the maintenance and preservation of 51 Tickford Street, Newport Pagnell (also known as "The Wrestlers"), a grade II listed building. Structural damage is evident from the exterior, specifically between the door and window (as shown in the image). We urgently call on the councils of Newport Pagnell and Milton Keynes to investigate and put forth an Urgent Works Notice if required, to safeguard the preservation of this unique and ancient buildin

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Save Medway DofE Award!!

SAVE MEDWAY DOFEFor those of you who do not know, it is likely that Medway Council are going to stop providing the Duke of Edinburgh Award. It is proposed that the award within Medway should no longer run by Medway Council but by an alternative provider.This means that all of the funding from the council will eventually be cut and they will no longer support us, as young people when completing our award. Us, as the Medway Youth Panel, want to put a stop to this as it will most likely lead to the

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Save Austin Rawlinson Leisure Centre

HELP SAVE AUSTIN RAWLINSON BATHS This pool has been part of Speke since March 1965 almost 50 years and many of us grew up swimming there and still use it today But this money grabbing council of ours is closing it to the Public in a bid to save moneynot content to close our only secondary school but now they are taking our only leisure facility away tooSpeke is very quickly becoming a ghost town with nothing to entertain the kids of the area unlike when we were kids and had plenty of park space

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Arrest Anjem Choudray for being accessory to murder of Lee Rigby

Muslim cleric Anjem Choudray has publicly disclosed that the killer of Lee Rigby (Michael Adebolajo) attended his sermons and marches. In other words he played a part in his radicalisation and should therefore be held accountable in a court of law.   David Cameron has recently published a report in response to the Lee Rigby murder indicating that from now on the Government/Police will take a zero tolerance approach to muslim extremists.   We demand the Government/Police protect us from muslim ex

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The NI Taxi industry deserves better support

The Stormont Executive via Nichola Mallon has offered the taxi £1500 per driver to help with the extra costs of Covid and the lose of income. This is less than £10 per day to pay bills & buy food as many driver's haven't worked due to shielding and have fallen through the different grants schemes.  We're calling on the NI Assembly to provide drivers with better support and we'd ask you to sign our petition to show you're behind us. 

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Friends of Thorpe Woodlands - petition against proposal to build 300 houses over this Wildlife Site

Thorpe Woods are once again under threat from development. The developer Socially Conscious Capital has just issued new proposals to build 300 houses over 25 acres of the woods. These proposals are opposed by the Norfolk Wildlife Trust, who have condemned them as being misleading and damaging, the Friends of Thorpe Woodlands and local councillors. By signing this petition you can make clear to the developers and Broadland District Council that you are opposed to these new plans and want Thorpe W

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Threat to Welsh Language Teaching in Flintshire. The future of Welsh language schools in Flintshire is under threat. Of the county’s five Welsh-medium schools, two are directly threatened (with one -Ysgol Terrig in Treuddyn - immediately at risk); the long-term future of the others is in doubt. Flintshire council intend to cut costs by merging or federating Welsh-medium schools with English-medium schools, putting their identity- as places where Welsh language and culture is taught - in danger.

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Defend Gay Conversion Therapy

We, the undersigned, consider that Theresa May's proposed ban on offering therapy, healing or prayer for people wishing to be free of same-sex attraction is an attack on freedom of speech, on freedom of choice, on freedom of association, and inasmuch as Christianity may form the backdrop to a desire to be free from same-sex desires, or may constitute an element of the healing process offered, on religious freedom. We call upon Members of Parliament to reject this attempt to to criminalise ideas.

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National Trust: Stop 'Quick Vote'

We the undersigned petition the National Trust to stop offering the 'Quick Vote' option to members voting online at the AGM and to disclose the 2022 Quick Vote voting numbers. In 2022 members logging in to the online AGM page were invited to tick the ‘Quick Vote’ box to vote for all seven candidates for the ruling Council which the Trust recommended and against every Members' Resolution it disliked.  ‘Quick Vote’ was even presented as ‘Option 1’, ahead of proper voting. The result was that every

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We the undersigned request that the shareholders of RIFC PLC vote AGAINST the reelection of Brian Stockbridge and James Easdale to the board. We also insist in the strongest terms that Alexander Easdale is removed from the board of The Rangers Football Club ltd.

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Elba Ground rent campaign

Last Saturday morning residents of the Elba housing estate received letters detailing council rises to their ground rent from between £50-£75 up to anything from £250-£3600 amounting to increases of up to 5000%. Surely this is not morally or indeed politically correct at a time where the local labour council has indeed pledged to fight poverty, when indeed they are now creating it and pricing people out of their own homes. I personally witnessed families, elderly and disabled who have worked har

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Statement of the Network of University Teachers against banning the Gender Studies Program

In the middle of the summer university break, the Hungarian Rectors' Conference was presented a draft decree from the Ministry of Human Resources and the Ministry of Justice.  This proposal called for the abolition of the masters program on Gender Studies. Such curricula are currently offered by the ELTE Faculty of Social Sciences and the Central European University (CEU).  The draft decree allowed students enrolled this year to complete their studies, but terminated this degree for future years

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