Revoke all licensing and planning for basement 296 Kentish townRD

Hello everyone ! Thank you for taking the time to read our pages and support our cause ! 

Due to the injustice we have experienced from the proprietor of the basement and ground floor of 296 Kentish town road nw5 2tg , we wish to make it known that we will not stand for greed to push out independent, family run businesses from our high street .. Our landlord raised the rent , locked us out , holds our possessions for ransom and now seeks to profit from all of our investment .. He wishes to reopen the premises with our belongings ,furniture & stock .. We built the bar from scratch and fought to license it this far.. It is under review for the correct licensing and planning consent .. We call for our neighbours and supporters to object this venue from all future applications and call for enforcement action should illegal trading and breeches of the license for both basement and ground floor occur ... To honour justice we call for a complete revoke of all licensing and planning applications for the basement bar .. This bar was intended for use as knowhere special .. We wrote it in the foundations we laid .. If we can't trade there , no one else should .. Certainly not without starting from scratch and suffering the hardships as we did .. We want our possessions back and demand justice for this theft whichever way we can .

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thank you again , our family appreciate all the support we receive .