JMC Inspiration Touchstone

Jason McRoy was one of the pioneers of international downhill mountain biking and his efforts and exploits on the international and national stage endeared him to the public and helped establish him as a leading figure in UK cycling.

Inducted into two National Cycling Halls of Fame, Jason was well known and respected by his peers and fans. His untimely death in 1995 at the age of 23 when his career was still developing was a great loss to the world of cycling.

However, his legacy has aencouraged and empowered many people within the cycling world and beyond to aspire to greater things.

Despite being internationally known, his achievements are largely ignored by his home town.

Only 8 miles from where he lived in Washington lies the end of the C2C route. The area is currently undergoing a multi-million pound redevelopment.

I have requested that Sunderland Council give consideration to placing a stone at the end of the C2C route at Roker Beach, Sunderland on which we can put a bronze plaque that says 'JMC 1972 -1995. Do Not Follow Where the Path May Lead. Go instead Where There is No Path and Leave a Trail' and has the Tattoo emblem on it. Beside the plaque will be a bronze 'touchstone' - a plain, small plaque that riders can touch as a gesture to finishing the C2C.

The cost to the Council is negligible, there is equipment and suitably large stones already on the site; the plaques can be paid for.

I have been trying for 15 years to elicit some response from the local authority, maybe if they heard a few voices they may sit up and take notice.

I really appreciate your support - let's make it happen guys.

If you don't know about Jason, then visit; it's worth a read!