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2013-10-23 09:48

About time he gets some official recognition..



2013-10-23 10:04

Best of luck



2013-10-23 10:16

I rode with Jason a couple of times. He was basically just a nice bloke who had incredible mountain bike skills and speed.. Sadly missed and it's time the north east recognised their own.

Joe (Geordie living in London)



2013-10-23 11:28

I am a great supporter of this as I feel it is very important to Inspire the younger generation into sports related pursuits for the positive benefits of both Body and Mind. Jason's achievements, personality and legacy has motivated and energized a succession of successful cyclist. In the last couple of years the British cyclists are leading the world in there various disciplines, and thought there personal efforts and dedications can not be detracted, we are very fortunate to have forefathers like Jason for blazing the trails to inspire the current and future generations of cyclists.


#5 Jason.

2013-10-23 18:03

JMC! I proudly support this. He was an inspiration to me.



2013-10-23 19:52

JMC is a mountain biking legend and deserves to be remembered in the N.E.



2013-10-25 09:56

Nobody deserves it more. Ride Free JMC



2013-10-25 10:20

Jason was an inspiration to all of us and an honour to call a close friend. This touchstone will be a fitting memorial to inspire future generations.



2013-10-25 10:27

Very worthy and touching cause, I for one would love to see this happen.



2013-10-25 11:36

such a simple gesture that would mean a lot in the cycling community.



2013-10-25 13:36

nothing but love.



2013-10-25 21:41

Ride on Jason



2013-10-25 22:48

very cool...i saw his friends spread his ashes all over the world on race tracks...too young.. so much talent...such a shining star!



2013-10-25 23:38

I knew Jason and realise how much he means to so many, his memory lives on and his passion inspired so many. If you need any help with the plaques give me a call I will honoured to be able to help. Joe Whitaker. Whitakers Signs & Design Ltd.



2013-10-26 07:04

Cos Peaty said so



2013-10-26 08:06

Jason was such a bright inspiration to a generation of riders. This is not a big thing to ask, but it is important.



2013-10-26 08:06

Live to ride. Ride to live. X



2013-10-26 08:46

By far the coolest rider ever, proving once and for all that red bikes are fastest.



2013-10-26 09:35

JMC was an inspiration when I first got into DH - would be nice to see something to commemorate his life.



2013-10-26 09:36

Why has this not been done already? JMC was a pioneer & this would be a fitting tribute.



2013-10-26 10:03

I hope everything turns out ok and good luck...



2013-10-26 10:27

Signed #ibelievehewasacoolkid



2013-10-26 10:28

this man deserves recognition.



2013-10-26 11:33

The guy was a legend, this should be a no brainer!



2013-10-26 13:11

Write a comment...I remember, 1995 all my friends from school went to Donnington Monsters of Rock festival, but I had to go on holiday with the family. The one upside to this was coming home in time for what I think was NEMBA DH race at the St. Ives Estate near Bingley. I was under the impression that JMC was going to be there racing. First I heard he had sadly passed, I was stood in the finish arena with my dad listening to the announcment over the tannoy, followed by what I thought was a Jimmy Hendrix song (tho' I could be wrong)! It's strange, how moments in life stay with you forever. I never met the guy, but he was my first hero as a 14yr old and is still inspiring me today as a 34yr old! :)