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Support the GAWA

All shops to close at 4pm on Saturday 25th June to allow all families,friends etc join in the celebrations and to watch our country play with pride.

Created: 2016-06-23 Statistics

Social movement of Iranians کمپین مردمی ایرانیان برای جلوگیری از برداشت غیر قانونی اموال ملت ایران

     کمپین مردمی جلوگیری از برداشت غیر قانونی اموال ملت ایران در امریکا جناب آقای بان کی مون دبیر کل محترم سازمان ملل متحد ما امضاکنندگان این بیانیه به‌عنوان جمعی از ملت ایران درخواست داریم که به نامه اعتراضی دولتمان به جنابعالی در مورد حکم دادگاه‌های امریکا درباره برداشت غیرقانونی دو میلیارد دلار از اموالمان در این کشور کاملا توجه کرده و از این امر که خلاف رویه بین‌المللی است به‌شدت و قاطعانه جلوگیری فرمایید    الحملة الشعبیة لمنع الولایاتالمتحدة عن سحب غیر المشروع من الممتلکات الشعب الإیرانی

Created: 2016-05-16 Statistics

Opposed redevelopment of 130 sandy fields road

We the undersigned are AGAINST the development and opening of the horizons care and education centre at 130 sandy fields road, DY3 3DL. We object to the increased amount of traffic, parking issues and foreseeable increases of anti-sociable behaviour, disturbances to local home owners and general public safety.

Created: 2016-06-23 Statistics

Creigiau Quarry

We, the undersigned, object to planning application 15/01953/MJR for the extension of Creigiau Quarry on the following grounds:- - The application fails to address the highway issues around Creigiau Quarry, in particular Heol Pant Y Gored, which is clearly unsuitable for purpose. Up to 146 HGV movements per day along this road will mean vehicles being unable to pass each other, mounting the pavement on residential streets and the unavoidable long delays to both local and quarry traffic ;  - Lor

Created: 2015-08-18 Statistics

No to Thetford library becoming police reporting centre

please sign petition if you think that moving police reporting desk into Thetford library is a incorrect decision 

Created: 2016-08-24 Statistics

Demand for Netflix HDR functionaliteit on Panasonic CX800/CR800

Recently, Panasonic updated the firmware of the Panasonic CX800/CR800 with HDR functionality. Since this update customers can enjoy the full potential of the televisions capabilities. However, customers shroud in the dark when it comes to clarity of Netflix HDR functionality. This television comes with Netflix app and also has a dedicated Netflix button on the remote control.   The Amazon app does provide HDR functionality, and Netflix does not. However, the Amazon app is also regional depended

Created: 2016-08-01 Statistics

Batuta and Gonçalo Carvalho to the Olympics

To FEI Dressage Committee and Executive Board In the Dressage Olympic Ranking Rules published at 2014-12-18 is written: “The FEI has the right to accept reasonable exceptions to these rules, in the interest of the riders and the sport in general. The FEI Dressage Committee may decide not to include the scores obtained at an event in the rankings, should the event not have been organised in accordance with general principle of fairness. The Executive Board should confirm the decision

Created: 2016-03-10 Statistics

We Want Avenue Library To Be 24 Hours

At the moment, Avenue library is only open till Midnight, where-as Park library is 24 hours. We believe that Avenue students are not being able to work around their own needs and even if the travel to Park to work the buses stop running at midnight anyway. Having a 24 hour Library at Avenue will allow students who study at the campus to access the library when needed and also work around things like Child Care and work. Also, a large number of Northampton University students live around Avenue a

Created: 2016-11-30 Statistics

Prevent Aldi building on the former Dairy Crest site in Epsom

This petition is to register opposition to Aldi redeveloping the former Dairy Crest site in Epsom as a supermarket. Pikes Hill and the surrounding area is not a retail area it is a residential area separate and distinct from Epsom Town centre. Aldi are stating that the former Dairy Crest site was a "business area" however the site was used to store milk and milk float vehicles. It was a distribution point which is vastly different from the proposed supermarket that will attract huge amounts of t

Created: 2016-01-08 Statistics

Halal Nandos in Ipswich

Dear Nandos Lovers Nandos have decided that they will be looking to open a new Nandos in Ipswich in 2018. I had emailed them at the start of 2016 and after much discussion and persuasion they have agreed that it would be beneficial for themselves to open a second Nandos in our town. The decision to make the Nandos halal or not will be taken a few months before opening. I have requested that this Nandos be made halal to accommodate the some 5,000 Muslims living in the Ipswich area. Nandos operati

Created: 2016-11-29 Statistics