Ban Erik Wijmeersch From Grepolis External Forums


For many worlds now grepolis players have had there games ruined by a particular group of players, usually headed by Erik Wijmeersch, unfortunately we can't yet get this man banned permanently from grepolis itself but we can attempt to get him and his cheerleader, Tea City, Athena90 and Ranga1 banned from using the external forums.


For many world these players have used the external forums to victimize players, Erik and his team have created a culture of fear within grepolis, they tell vicious lies about people, bully, belittle, send hateful and spiteful messages, and what happens? The messages get deleted but the hurt they cause to the individuals they target remains. Every day more and more people get victimized by this band of brothers and drawn into their web of hate. They use the external forums as weapons, and although to some it seems entertaining watching others be bullied and victimized others don't see it that way.


Every day in grepolis more and more players quit because of Erik, more have the fun taken from the game that they once loved has turned into a painful and traumatic experience. We may not be able to get them permanently banned in game but taking off the forum will be a start. It will take some of their power away and slowly in time may help heal the damage they do. Words hurt and to often these vicious players use lies and hateful words to hurt other players, they need to be stopped, the external forums aren't a weapon, and they shouldn't be allowed to be used as such, so I say enough, no more just deleting their hate, lets delete them!