Stop transportation of donkeys from Bonaire to Haiti

The government of Bonaire wants to capture all 200 stray donkeys that roam the island and send them to Haiti to be used as working animals. I completely agree that the stray donkeys must be rescued from the streets. Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire has already been trying to get this done for many years. But because they do not get any financial support from the government they did not succeeded to do so until now.

However, I do not agree with the governmental plan to send the captured donkeys to Haiti to be used as working animals. I am sure that the donkeys will face a miserable future on Haiti. No reassurances have been given that there will be the facilities to train or monitor the welfare of the donkeys once they arrive there.

The donkeys on Bonaire are feral animals. Using these animals as working donkeys would cause terrible suffering. Bonaire is a municipality of the Netherlands. I think that a country like the Netherlands can not do this with animals.

Once more: something needs to be done. But it needs to be thoroughly prepared and be done in a animal friendly way. Therefore I call upon the government to let Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire capture the donkeys and be closely involved in what happens to them. They have the knowledge and experience to capture the donkeys in an animal friendly way.

Moreover I think that as many of the captured donkeys as possible must then be given shelter in the donkey sanctuary on Bonaire. There the donkeys can have a safe and well taken care of life. The government must give financial support to make this possible. If not all donkeys could be placed in the donkey sanctuary, the government must find the most animal friendly solution for these animals.

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