Many of you supported this plea so that the perpetrators fo a violent cirme were not given bail.  We were successful, but the suspects are once again aplying for bail on 10 October.  Please join hands again and help us and the family of the victim to prevent this from happening.

As rate payers and members of the greater Witzenberg Municipal area, we wish to register our opposition to bail being granted to the three suspects involved in case number WOLSELEY CAS 167/08/2016 (FARM ATTACK) which took place on 24 August 2016 at Rockwood.

It is alleged that these perpetrators have confessed to planning this attack 6 months earlier but were thwarted beause of seciurity arangements at Rockwood, and waited till there was one elderly woman in the house to attack and cause grievously bodily harm and theft. These alleged perpetrators will make statements that they are being vicimised, ignoring the fact that they have victimised the community of Witzenberg Municipality.

Constituationally they have rights.  Equally the constitution enshrines the rights of protection against crime - "epic failure until now"  and hereby would like to ask the state to oppose bail for the following reasons:

1)    Due to the malicious and criminal nature of this attack        and total disregard for the life of an elderly person.

2)    The victim is the only witness who could identify the          attackers, and as such, is in danger, should the                  perpetrators get bail and go free.

3)    Atleast one suspect is a repeat offender.


Lets stand together and make a safer Witzenberg for ALL  who live here

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