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The Planning Application of the Proposed Anaerobic Digester (AD) 18/04533/FUL at North East Grains, Longhirst, NE61 3HX.

The undersigned have read the details of the proposal and wish to place on record their support for the planning application.   The Proposed AD site will produce electricity, heat and gas which can be used on the current site.  This renewable project will not only reduce the site’s carbon footprint, it will benefit the 75+ farmer cooperative members, and the 250+ jobs that directly and indirectly are supported by this important Rural Business.  This is a highly sustainable proposal that supports

Created: 2020-07-13

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30 days 45 40


  Petition to West Berks council to refuse the planning application for Bingo and Adult Gaming Centre at premises at 11-13 Market Place Newbury for the following reasons: Premises of this kind in this historic Market Place, particularly open 24 hours, will be a source of noise, crime and disorder. It is likely to be a gathering place for the homeless and vulnerable people. It will result in customers and others gathering in the area in the day and through the night and causing anti-social activi

Created: 2020-07-09

Time period All countries United Kingdom
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30 days 39 39

Bring back Rowntree's Cabana chocolate bar!

Recently Cadbury brought back an old chocolate bar due to a petition. I saw the story on the Manchester Evening News Facebook page. I made a comment regarding the Rowntree's Cabana chocolate bar wishing it would also make a come back. Likes and comments agreeing followed so I thought it's worth a shot?! So let's see if people power can get our caramel, coconut and cherry pieces wrapped in milk chocolate bar returned to our shop shelves!!!! 

Created: 2020-01-04

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30 days 36 35

remove tui uk right to operate in the uk

i would like the goverment to remove tui uk right to operate in the uk because of the disgusting way that it is treating the majority of its customer by blatently lying to customers about refunds. withholding cancellation fees when it is your right not to accept changes to your holiday and should be able to cancel without charge

Created: 2020-07-20

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 24 23
30 days 24 23

Do Not Treat The Strays in Boracay Island as Pests!

Please sign this petition if you think the latest proposal of the mayor of Boracay is an ignorant plan of rounding-up strays by auctioning their capture as if they are pests. Impounding stray dogs and cats is never a proven solution; domestic animals can co-exist with humans. Why inflict suffering to the animals?  Penalize those who are cruel to the animals, spay and neuter cats and dogs, embrace them as part of the community.  Fellow advocates, let us denounce any ignorant and irresponsible act

Created: 2020-07-18

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Have Belgium camp in 2021

We should have the camp in Belgium as the Dutch have already had one and everyone prefers the Belgium camp we know it's lots of extra work but we all think it's worth it.  

Created: 2020-07-21

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30 days 26 21

Slow Down, Save Lives!

Please take a moment to add your name this vital campaign. Barton Road (lower) in Torquay is a residential, family area of our town, a road frequented by hundreds of primary and secondary school children every week on their walk to school.  Currently Barton Road (lower) has in place, completely ineffective speed reducing measures, with wide and low split speed humps from the area of Torre Academy Primary, ending at the narrowing of the road at the Torre Marine Estate. Vehicles are frequently tra

Created: 2020-08-13

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30 days 18 18

Stop Planning Permission at Risborough Close

We are taking a stand to stop the planning permisson agaisnt a new construction taking place at our residence of Risborough Close.  There are two plans in place.  1: Planning to construct a 2 story building next to our current block. This will result in the loss of our green field area, wood land and decrease in our bin disposal area for the whole block. This is to make room for the new build and new car park area, which will be connected to our current building but we will not be allowed access

Created: 2020-07-24

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Divine wellness Manchester

Hi We would like people to support us with our vision in creatingDivine Wellness Manchester  At the moment this building is an abandoned building, it's a beautiful building and myself and my nephew would like to bring this building alive. Our vision is to create a family friendly social space where people can come and enjoy our fresh organic home-made vegan foods, it would be a place where everybody is welcome to learn about health and how to cook healthy meals for themselves because everything

Created: 2020-06-30

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30 days 14 13

FIELDSY to play Bluesfest Byron Bay!

Ever been to a festival?? Yeah? I bet your still buzzing from it , even if its a decade ago. I bet your eyes glisten and smile slowly spreads across your face until you resemble the joker... Especially in 2020:(  Now imagine it from the Artist you so patiently waited to see, squished beneath multiple armpits waving in the dense yet aromatic air packed tent , imagine their point of view ..... Incredible  If you know me, you know Bluesfest is one of my ultimate goals as a musician, .. I've been th

Created: 2020-08-13

Time period All countries United Kingdom
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30 days 109 10