UK Referendum on Immigration & Case for Net Zero - For Immigration

UK Referendum on Immigration & Case for Net Zero – For Immigration  

When were you ever asked anything about immigration? The UK has long suffered at the hand of sucessive governments when it comes to mass immigration and its thirst for low paid labour instead of investing in British skills and a self-dependent economy. Today we see our coast plagued with boat after boat from France carrying essentially young men from the Middle East claiming asylum. Our government usher them in without proper checks and house them preferentially over almost 3 million UK residents who are already waiting for social housing. We cannot sustain this silent invasion and demand that the UK electorate is given a referendum on immigration and is asked once and for all what they think.

The net zero that the country should be talking about is for immigration.  Britain - a densely populated country with many parallel communities separated by their culture - ought not to be the destination for hundreds of thousands of migrants each and every year.  Yet latest figures show that net migration to the UK from overseas totalled 313,000 (year ending March 2020).  In fact, net migration has been in the hundreds of thousands for the last 23 years despite repeated Tory promises to reduce immigration to the tens of thousands.  

This graph, produced by Migration Watch, with data for 1963 to 2018, shows how governments since the 1990s have sanctioned mass immigration for well over 25 years. 


The Tory government has squandered the opportunity delivered by Brexit to reduce immigration. Reduced EU migration has been more than off-set by increased migration from the rest of the world. Since 2013 net migration from outside the EU has tripled to 316,000 (year ending March 2020).

UKIP says this has to stop and its new immigration policy calls for zero net migration.  Under UKIP policy migrants would be able to come to Britain on a short-term basis to visit, work or study but long-term stays from overseas would end. In particular, UKIP is calling for an end to the migrant invasion of our south coast and for an end to migrants marrying from overseas, particularly from Asia, a practice made possible by the grant of tens of thousands of family visas every year, particularly to people from Pakaistan, India and Bangladesh.

In addition to being assailed by asylum seekers and those seeking family visas the UK’s borders are avoided by hundreds of thousands of clandestine and illegal entrants.  Many reputable estimates have suggested that in excess of 1% of the British population is here illegally.  

Unlike those in the Tory government - who talk tough on immigration whilst overseeing policies that deliver mass immigration, including a recent promise to allow up to 5 million Hong Kongers to settle in Britain - UKIP will tackle the root causes of mass immigration.  UKIP is committed to withdrawing from the Refugee Convention because it gives every person on the planet the right to enter the UK and claim asylum, no matter how bogus the claim. And UKIP is committed to withdrawing from the European Convention on Human Rights which makes border control and immigration enforcement impossible.  

UKIP is also committed to reforming British law to make assimilation, rather than multiculturalism, the key objective of race relations. UKIP would repeal the Equality Act provisions that protect race and religion so as to put the onus on migrants to adapt to British norms, whereas equality law reverses that process. 

Support our petition for a Referendum on Immigration with Net Zero Immigration being a choice on the ballot as set out above.

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