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Stand Up to Ukip

Stand Up to Ukip launch statementThe 2014 European Elections mark a watershed in British politics. UKIP is a right wing, racist, populist party which won over 27 percent of the vote; a  staggering 4,352,051 people voted for them and they beat the three mainstream parties.Ukip presents itself as an anti-establishment party and its leader, Nigel Farage, claims to be “a man of the people”. This is a lie. Ukip wants to introduce a flat rate of income tax of 31 per cent that means those on th

Created: 2014-06-06 Statistics

Search for our Sailors

Four Britons have been reported missing in the mid-Atlantic Ocean while sailing a yacht back to the UK from a regatta. They lost contact in the early hours of Friday 14th May. The search has already been halted, which is far too early as there is a chance they can be in a life raft. Please sign this petition, spread the word and build pressure to have this search put back on and find our sailors.

Created: 2014-05-18 Statistics

Acknowledgement for Babies born before 24 weeks

I am fighting for the memory of my son Jacob Jaxon-Lewis Mclean, who was born at 18+3 week gestation on the 24th October 2013 at 9.10 and lived for twenty minutes. I was informed that i get no acknowledgement because he was born before 24 weeks gestation. I never stop fighting for my son, and in the end I was granted a birth and death certificate. A grieving parent should not have to extend their greif and heartbreak even more, in the UK a baby born before 24 weeks subsequently dies within 28 da

Created: 2014-03-22 Statistics

Stop Worthing Crematorium removing plaques & memorabilia

It's been common practice for mourners to place small memories for their loved ones at Worthing crematorium for years. WHY NOW HAS IT COME TO THIS? Not only have they removed all our memorabilia left for our loved ones, They have left them in 2 cupboards, in a section of the car park with the DUSTBINS, (see the pics here )  If they are not collected by 28th Feb they will be disposed of.  Pl

Created: 2014-02-19 Statistics

Save Austin Rawlinson Leisure Centre

HELP SAVE AUSTIN RAWLINSON BATHS This pool has been part of Speke since March 1965 almost 50 years and many of us grew up swimming there and still use it today But this money grabbing council of ours is closing it to the Public in a bid to save moneynot content to close our only secondary school but now they are taking our only leisure facility away tooSpeke is very quickly becoming a ghost town with nothing to entertain the kids of the area unlike when we were kids and had plenty of park space

Created: 2014-04-28 Statistics


Please sign the petition to persuade the SYFA to introduce 9 a side football in Scotland, replacing the last year of soccer 7's

Created: 2014-05-13 Statistics

Tower Arms Public House

We the undersigned believe the Tower Arms in Weald Road should remain as a Public House in the heart of South Weald. The village would benefit from a well run, community facility at the heart of local life and we would oppose it becoming a residential home. We would also support its inclusion on Brentwood Council's Community Asset register.

Created: 2014-01-13 Statistics

Elba Ground rent campaign

Last Saturday morning residents of the Elba housing estate received letters detailing council rises to their ground rent from between £50-£75 up to anything from £250-£3600 amounting to increases of up to 5000%. Surely this is not morally or indeed politically correct at a time where the local labour council has indeed pledged to fight poverty, when indeed they are now creating it and pricing people out of their own homes. I personally witnessed families, elderly and disabled who have worked har

Created: 2014-06-10 Statistics

Save Pomegranate Restaurant

After an 18-month sustained campaign of harassment led by a neighbour, Pomegranate Restaurant (located at Antigua Street, Edinburgh) is being forced to remove ALL the lighting and signage from their business. The attached photo shows their "offensive" menu boards and their "eyesore" restaurant frontage. Having to comply with this order will have serious negative repercussions for this extremely popular restaurant. It will, in all likelihood, cost the owners and the many staff that they employ t

Created: 2013-10-12 Statistics

Rod Stewart

Please sign a petition for ROD STEWART to become a SIR! After, 50 years in showbusiness, he sure deserves one!! He, also does loads of charity work too. Please sign up, for ROD!! thanks x

Created: 2014-08-03 Statistics