Seaford Head School Phone Ban

We, the student body of Seaford Head are putting foward this petition to show how unhappy and annoyed we are about the ban on using phones at break time and lunch time. We understand that they can be a big distraction in lessons and this is not a petition asking to use them in lessons. This is a petition to ask for the ban on using phones at break and lunch to be lifted. Break and lunch are free time, and we feel that as a student body, we should be allowed to use our phones. We feel this petition should be listened to for the following reasons:

-It is not right to punish the whole school for a few people's actions, and a majority of the student body have done nothing to deserve the ban.

-We need to be able to contact our parents and other people quickly sometimes, and it cause a lot of inconvinence to both staff and students if we had to ask to use a phone in Student Services every time we needed to.

-Banning phones will only make people more determined to use them in lessons. For example, most students would wait until break to check a text, but if a student knows that they can't even do that, they would be more likely to check their phone straight away.

Please sign this petition if you support what we are asking and our reasoning behind it. We are not asking for a big change, only for the previous set of rules to be used instead of the new one.

Members of the student body would be willing to meet with staff to discuss this furthur.

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